MLB The Show 22: How to unlock Retro RF Ohtani in Angels' City Connect program

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MLB The Show 22 continues to highlight the Nike City Connect uniforms, and the latest is also bringing in a classic version of Shohei Ohtani.

We've got details on how you can unlock this Retro Topps Now Shohei Ohtani and complete this new MLB The Show 22 program starring the Los Angeles Angels.

MLB The Show 22 drops Retro RF Topps Now Ohtani


We've seen a mix with how MLB The Show 22 has handled introducing the new Nike City Connect uniforms, and it's now time for the Los Angeles Angels to take the spotlight.

After a group of teams were bundled in the first offering, this one is all about the Angels and even brings back a Retro Topps Now card along with it.

Taking a time machine back to August 3, 2018, this new card for Shohei Ohtani is actually a right fielder as he was Designated Hitter for that game.

It was the first multi-home run and 4-hit game for Shohei Ohtani, and as we now know, the rest was history.

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MLB The Show 22 Shohei Ohtani
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OLD SCHOOL: Go back to 2018 before we really knew what Ohtani would become

You can see his full stats above, and like most outfielders he's got Left Field and Center Field as secondary positions.


While his Fielding, Throw Accuracy, and Reaction aren't ideal, a very solid 94 in Arm Strength brings him up to a Silver tier in Defense.

However, it's the hitting stats that shine here, as players can slot him in as a solid outfielder or put this Ohtani on the bench with strong Clutch and Power vs Righties to pinch hit when the time is right.

How to unlock Retro Ohtani in the Angels' City Connect Program

While the card itself is quite solid at 92 OVR, there's good news as players have a very approachable path to unlocking it.

You'll need to head into the new Angels' City Connect Program under Other Programs in Diamond Dynasty, and the first course of action should be Moments.

There are six Moments in this program which will give you a combined 25 Points towards the reward track, just 5 shy of unlocking Ohtani.

There are 9 Points up for grabs via Exchanges, but you don't have to use those at all if you are willing to do a little Parallel XP grinding.


Up to 17 Points can be earned for the program with PXP Missions for any Los Angeles Angels players, and an addition 10 Points can be earned by later using Topps Now Ohtani and earning that card some PXP.

Combined this leaves players with up to 61 Points obtainable, and just 50 Points will collect you the full reward track in MLB The Show 22, so you will be able to skip a few things if desired.

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