MLB The Show 20: Boston Red Sox player rating predictions – Mookie Betts, Chris Sale & more

The Red Sox’ 2019 campaign was a let down, will they still be one of the best teams in The Show 20?

by Remy Cabache

The 2019 season was one to forget for the Boston Red Sox. The World Series hangover was very real as the team struggled to an 84-78 record, third in the AL East, and missed out on the playoffs.

What was strange about it was the number of quality players they still had, many of whom still performed at a very high level, and the quality of some of their stats – they were fourth in the Majors with 901 runs scored, first in hits with 1554, and third in average at .269.

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The issues came on the mound. Be it starters not performing to their ability, even though Eduardo Rodriguez was superb, or the bullpen and closers just not being nearly reliable enough.

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As of now, as Red Sox fans hold their breath over a potential Mookie Betts trade, the Red Sox still have a lot of talent, but given their performance in 2019, will MLB The Show still look upon them as favorably?

Mookie Betts, RF

MVP: The Red Sox may trade their star outfielder for cap reasons

2019 launch rating: 97

2020 prediction: 96

Coming off an MVP season, you could look at Mookie’s 2019 campaign as a disappointment. Almost every stat came down, he hit below .300 (though .295 isn’t exactly bad) and he hit three less homers (29), but on the whole it was still an excellent season. Oh, he also won a Gold Glove and Silver Slugger.

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As a result there isn’t much of a case to knock him down much. He still displayed excellent plate vision, with a great ability to put bat on ball for contact and power. And in the field he remains arguably the best fielding LF in the Majors coming off his fourth straight Gold Glove.

Chris Sale, SP

ACE: Sale had a year to forget for the Red Sox in 2019

2019 launch rating: 98

2020 prediction: 95

Sale was one of the biggest reasons the Red Sox slumped like they did in 2019. In fact, he had his worst season as a pro, failing to reach ten wins (6) as a starter for the first time in his career, while notching 11 losses.

From Opening Day his velocity was never what it has been, and with it went the efficacy of his trademark slider/fastball combination. His command seemed off and games would spiral like they never used to.

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While he was dealing with some injuries, he did still show moments of him being the pitcher we all know, so expect his velocity and control to drop a touch but for him to remain among the best pitchers in the Majors.

J.D. Martinez, LF

POWER: Martinez opted-in to his contract to stay in Boston for 2020

2019 launch rating: 93

2020 prediction: 92

Martinez, along with Betts, was a player who was nearly unstoppable in 2018 but took a step back in 2019. Though, again like Betts, Martinez still had a great year.

He still smashed 36 home runs with 105 RBIs, and batted a .304 average. As I previously mentioned, that is a step back from his lofty 2018 numbers but by most player’s standards that is still an elite season, good enough to keep him rated right where he is.

Xander Bogaerts, SS

ALL-STAR: Bogaerts was the Red Sox most reliable player in 2019

2019 launch rating: 83

2020 prediction: 88

Bogaerts has been a steady force in the Sox lineup since 2015, and despite the team’s struggles he had a career year and was one of the most consistent and big time SS in the Majors.

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He finished 13th in the Majors in batting average (.309), fourth in hits (190), seventh in RBIs (117) and third in doubles (52) while hitting 33 homers. It was enough to get him an All-Star spot and he deserves the recognition in The Show 20.

Rafael Devers, 3B

BREAKOUT: Devers was among the league’s best at the plate in 2019

2019 launch rating: 72

2020 prediction: 85

Devers was one of the biggest breakouts of the 2019 season. The third baseman had his first year as the full-time member of the starting lineup and he cashed in.

The led the American league with 54 doubles, while leading all the Majors in total bases with 359. He also tallied 201 hits and 32 home runs with a .311 average. At just 22 he is poised to be among the best 3B very soon.

These are some other ratings predictions for the Boston Red Sox in MLB The Show 20:

Player Position 2019 launch rating 2020 prediction
Brandon Workman CP 69 85
Eduardo Rodriguez SP 79 85
David Price SP 84 84
Andrew Benintendi RF 86 84
Matt Barnes RP 80 82
Christian Vazquez C 72 80
Michael Chavis 3B 68 78

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Remy Cabache

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