GTA 6 Release Date: Location, Map, PS5, Xbox Series X, Next-Gen consoles, Reddit leaks & everything else there is to know

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It’s pretty tricky working out when Rockstar will release the sixth instalment to the GTA series, but judging from past patterns, the developers are known to release their new entries every four to five years.

Seeing as Red Dead Redemption 2 only rode onto consoles in October 2018, we might be waiting a little while longer than expected for the highly-anticipated RPG.

If anything, we would recommend preparing yourselves for the title to launch well into the PS5 and Xbox Series X console generation, in order to make the most of all the new technologies that they will bring.

While Rockstar remains tight-lipped about what we can expect from the upcoming RPG, there are a few rumours circulating around on the internet.

Here you’ll find everything we know about GTA 6, from how many playable characters it might have to potential locations (thanks to a series of recent GTA 6 leaks). 

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When will GTA 6 launch?

Some gamers currently playing the new Diamond Heist mode have gone deep down the rabbit hole and may have found more clues as to when GTA 6 will be released.

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A photo taken in the entry to the Diamond Casino previously gained a lot of traction on Reddit, and users have started to speculate potential reasons behind the splitting up the word ‘Service’.

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The post reads:

“On the left side of the wall we can see DIAMOND written on top, and 510 on the bottom.”

“If we put the bottom portions together we get “510 VICE”

And while 510 could be related to anything, the conspiracy theorist inside wants me to point out that 510 can be interpreted as 5/10, or October 5th.

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The user backs their argument with an analysis of the release dates of previous Rockstar Games – all of which launched at some point in the final quarter of their respective years.

That makes a 5/10/2020 release date neither unreasonable nor outlandish.

The Reddit post is concluded by stating that this theory is just speculative, so we would advise taking all of the information with a pinch of salt.

Where will it be set?

Another leak has emerged from the GTAForums, where the notion of working across Vice City and Liberty City came up; focusing heavily on drug smuggling and Cartels across multiple time periods.

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The locations that the game is rumoured to be set in are:

Major Cities

  • Liberty City
  • Vice City
  • Rio de Neve, South America (Rio de Janeiro) 
  • Republic of Castellano, South America (Mix of Bolivia and Colombia) 

Minor Cities 

  • People's Republic of del Castro, Central America (Fictional Central American island based on Panama and Cuba, Island) 
  • Mexico (Mexico, Limited Area)

Though we can’t take information from leaks as the truth, the locations mentioned certainly support the Narcos-themed rumours that have been doing the rounds in recent weeks.

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These rumours generally support the idea of a de-centralised GTA 6, with missions taking players everywhere from Vice City to Latin America.

Other news

job advert, which was posted on recruitment website Monster, states that Rockstar Leeds are looking for an "Environment Artist". 

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The job requires applicants for "creating and texturing environment assets for the biggest and best open-world environment in the industry".

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They assisted Rockstar North with the development of GTA 5, so it wouldn't be unreasonable to assume this role will work directly with the development of GTA 6, given the studio's history.

With other titles such as Red Dead Redemption 2 and Bully 2 looming, it would be naive to rule these games out of the running for the role, but we can be hopeful.

That is all the news we have on GTA 6 for now – bookmark this piece and stay tuned for our weekly updates.

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