Metroid Dread Announced For Nintendo Switch

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We have our first 2D Metroid game in nearly two decades. It comes in the form of Metroid Dread. The game was revealed during the Nintendo Direct for E3 2021.

Metroid Prime 4 was mentioned during the show but only in passing. We were given the update that development on Prime 4 was well underway and going well, but it seems they are unwilling to say more than this, or show anything either.

Metroid Dread Release Date

We were treated to a release date for Metroid Dread during its reveal, and it's close than you may think. Metroid Dread is due to release on 8 October 2021. The game was a complete unknown as fans believed the only Metroid game in development was Metroid Prime 4.

The game as been rumoured for some time but many believed the project was lost to time. This may explain why it has been so long since a 2D Metroid game had been announced or even mentioned. We will see more from the game during the Nintendo E3 Treehouse event.

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Metroid Dread Amiibo

Metroid Dread will also release with a brand new Amiibo 2-pack. The pack contains Samus Aran and E.M.M.I, the antagonist of the game. The Amiibo pack will release on the same date as the game, 8 October 2021. The pack is available for pre-order now.

Metroid Dread Trailer

We received a fairly in-depth trailer for Metroid Dread given it was a surprise announcement. The trailer came in at over 2-minutes long and showed off some stunning visuals and plenty of gameplay. As mentioned, we'll see more of the game during the Treehouse event also.

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