Project L Will Be Playable At Evo

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Project L fighting game
Credit: Riot Games

Fighting game fans that were already excited for Evo 2023 will be thrilled to hear that Riot Games' foray into the genre will finally be playable with a Project L demo featured at the event.

On 26 July, Riot dropped a ton of information regarding Project L with a new dev diary showcasing one of the main modes of the game, a 2v2 mode they're dubbing Duo Play.

Yes, while Project L can be played 1v1, Riot Games wants to keep the essence of League of Legends alive - blaming your teammates for your losses! And Evo attendees will be able to try the Project L demo to see if they've nailed it or not.

Project L demo to debut at Evo 2023

Riot Games confirmed that a Project L demo will be available to Evo attendees. Evo 2023 will take place in Las Vegas this upcoming 4 and 5 August.

Project L demo Champions

For the first Project L demo, there will be a total of four characters, or Champions, as they're aptly named.

  • Darius
  • Ahri
  • Ekko
  • One new Champion

As you can see, three are confirmed, but there's one that will be a new Champion. In previous Project L videos and dev diaries, we've seen Riot confirm Jinx, Katarina, and Illaoi, so the fourth playable Champion could potentially be one of them.

Will there be a Project L beta soon?

Sadly, we don't really have any information regarding a Project L public demo or even an online beta. The game is still early in development if we consider the small amount of playable characters that will be available in the Evo demo.


We do keep hope that Riot Games shares information regarding a public Project L beta at some point before the year ends. Fighting games dev cycles in recent years have included a round of closed and open betas to test out online capabilities, and we expect Project L to be no different.

We'll have more Project L news as Riot reveals more and more about their upcoming fighting game!

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