Nioh 2: Why you NEED to play it! Release Date, Gameplay, PS4, Xbox, PC & more

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Nioh 2 is the next instalment in the Nioh saga from Team

Nioh 2 is a Role-playing, open-world game where you take control of a legendary Samurai.

The game allows you to fully customise your character including facial features and gender.

The story takes place in 1555 and is a prequel to the previous title. Instead of having a character, the game effectively allows you to play the game as a somewhat freelance Samurai Yokai hunter (ghost hunter).

You encounter many mythical enemies and creatures on your journey as you progress through the game. Allowing you to build your character and collect exciting weapons, gear and armour.

Release Date

Towards the end of October 2019, the developers released some information regarding the release of the game.

Nioh 2 character
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DISCOVER YOUR JOURNEY - Play Nioh 2 and experience an epic story!

A few days later, PS4 players got access to the beta, where
they could experience the new and improved RPG elements of the game.

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The official release date for Nioh 2 is 13th March 2020.

With Doom Eternal and Animal Crossing: New Horizons releasing
a week after this, the game has a lot of competition

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The game will also release with Digital Deluxe and Special Editions,
which will include content such as weapons sets, a season pass and even a
physical “The Art of Nioh 2” book.


The Gameplay of Nioh is similar to that of Dark souls or the
recent Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

Nioh 2 4K Wallpaper
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THE TRUTH OF THE PAST - Nioh 2 is the prequel to the awesome Nioh.

With lots of customisation to the character itself and the armour/weapons,
players will have plenty of content to dig into at release.

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The game tries to focus on difficult and satisfying bosses
to keep the game feeling rewarding. There are other smaller enemy types, but
these are not typically related to main characters/bosses.

Similar to other fighting games, there are also combos that
the player needs to learn to dully utilise the games mechanics and high skill gameplay.



We know Nioh 2 is guaranteed to release on the PS4. However,
there is no expected release for the competitor Xbox One and we shouldn’t
expect one either.

nioh yokai warrior
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BUILD YOUR WARRIOR - What will your character build be?

With the first game also having a release on PC (Steam) there is a possibility the game could see a PC release.

This is most likely going to be at a later date as we have no info on a PC release as of yet.

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Fans are also wanting to see a Nintendo Switch release. With multiple Reddit threads hunting for the answer. Unfortunately, this is also unlikely due to no announcement as of yet.

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