Flight Simulator Full Release: First Impressions and Review Roundup!

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Flight Simulator is releasing tomorrow! We can't wait to get our hands on this next generation Flight Simulator!

The first round of reviews are out, and they're very positive. Here, we summarise everything you need to know as well as Microsoft's plan for future content.

First Impressions

It seems the first impressions of Flight Sim are great!

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CITIES - Fly over some amazing cities including Tokyo, New York and London!

The amazing graphics and intuitive controls have provided most players with a beautiful first experience.

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We hope the Simulator continues to give players an amazing platform to hone their flying skills and enjoy their experience with friends.


So far the reviews for Flight Sim have been very positive.

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A recent review from PCInvasion has given the game a 9/10, stating it's the "most complete out-of-the-box package" of any Flight Simulator.

Another review from IGN also covers the fact that there is a range of options when it comes to landing strips, planes and more. IGN gave flight simulator a 10/10 for its fun, realism and exploration.

A lot of reviews also praise the fact that we'll be getting plenty of new content and support for the game for the next few years.

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The 3D map and input is very accurate, creating some realistic and beautiful environments.

However, the mapping is sometimes innacurate making for some interesting geographic features.

Community Input

Flight Simulator will continue support for community input and support.

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COUNTRY - Fly around the world and travel to any country!

Before the release of Flight Sim, Microsoft started "Community Week". This involved giveaways, activities and events.

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We can't wait to see what Microsoft has planned for the Community in the future! We hope areas and mods are implemented into the game with creator support.

Release Date and Updates

Microsoft Flight Simulator is set to release on 18th August.

After the launch, we'll be getting weekly development update. This will include an overview of all the changes and updates implemented that week.

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This will also include any news around Flight Simulator, for example, upcoming streams and content.

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