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Disintegration Beta: Gameplay, game modes, release date, trailer and everything you need to know

The principle creative visionary of Bungie, Marcus Lehto, has been working with V1 Interactive to create the next sci-fi shooter we didn’t know we needed.

The dystopian future of Disintegration throws us into the middle of a civil war between cyborg like beings on the edge of extinction.

With the Beta dropping in the next few weeks, RealSport cover everything you need to know about the early gameplay.

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Public Beta

The Public Beta will be open to everyone across all platforms. Cross-platform has not been announced but is definitely a possibility. 

There will be a separate closed beta that you are currently able to sign up for here

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EARLY ACCESS: You can sign up for the closed 'Technical Beta' here


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If you want the full experience for Disintegration, make sure you sign up for the closed beta ASAP as places are running out fast!

Beta Release Date 

The Open Beta will run from 31stJanuary to 1stFebruary on all platforms including PC.

The Extended closed beta will run from 28thto the 29thJanuary. This will give players who sign up for the closed beta four days to get their hands on the game to get the full experience.  

Game Modes

Both Betas will feature a few game modes, two of these being ‘Control’ and ‘Retrieval’.


Control is fairly self-explanatory. Two Teams will fight over objects across a map. Whichever team can capture and control points for the longest, wins. 

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GO SOLO: The game features a single-player campaign in which you control an expert Gravcycle pilot


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Whereas, Retrieval is a new game mode, not featured in many modern shooter games.


In Retrieval, one team tries to deliver a highly valued target, and the other team has to stop them.

Disintegration has gained traction in the gaming world due to its well-known lead, and interesting gameplay mechanics.

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Will this be the game to rival Halo in the sci-fi shooter scene? Or will we see yet another futuristic FPS fall flat?

We won't find out until its release, but for now you can check out Disintegration's fantastic trailer below.

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