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Alienware UFO: What Is Dell's new Handheld Console? Release Date, Concept Model and Everything We Know!

Dell and Alienware are no stranger to pushing the mold on PC gaming and innovating the gaming world we currently live in.

The company is regarded as one of the best professionally made PC companies in the world and are direct sponsors of Team Liquid, one of the world's most popular esports teams.

CES 2020 is in full swing now, and with this on-going tech and gaming showcase, Alienware stole the show and has a lot of people questioning if their new "UFO" concept is the future of gaming.

Let's go over everything we know about the UFO so far!

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What Is It?

The new Alienware UFO is essentially a full-blown gaming PC, but it is compacted into the size of a Nintendo Switch and has the same button layout as well.

It is not hard to tell that Nintendo's iconic Switch design is the direct inspiration behind this concept, and quite frankly it looks great.

With the signature Alienware colors and RGB backlit on the analog sticks, it is a great concept.


They have claimed that with this new UFO we will be able to take PC gaming wherever we want, mobile gaming has never been bigger than the world we live in now.

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Alienware is striving to produce a device that will allow us to not be solely restricted to our at-home desktops for PC gaming.


Since this concept was just revealed by Alienware, they have kept all the specs under wraps thus far.

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MAKE A STAND: The UFO can stand up independently


We can assume that the specs will change drastically between now and when it officially releases to the public.

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However, we can assume it will a higher-end graphics card and CPU, but we will have to wait and see what the actual specs are later down the line.

Different Gaming Modes

So, in a direct copy to the Nintendo Switch, the Alienware UFO will be playable in different modes.

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TITLE RAISERS: A host of games are set to arrive on UFO


The standard mobile mode that is seen in the above image, a docking image via HDMI, Display Port or USB-Type C to your TV or monitor.

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This will also feature detachable controllers that will attach to another controller to make it easier to handle.


We have no idea what this new system is going to cost yet, since it is a mobile PC we can't expect it to be cheap...


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Alienware products also have the reputation of not being the cheapest so expect anywhere from $800-2000 USD depending on the internal specs of the UFO.

Release Date

Since this is a brand new concept, we do not know a for sure release date yet. However, potentially holiday season 2020 or earlier for the new UFO.