AEW Fight Forever: New report on mini games, cover creation, and next reveals

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AEW Fight Forever news has landed fast and furious over the last few weeks, and we've got another new report about the game.

Here are all the latest details we've learned including when more AEW Fight Forever reveals could be due to arrive.

AEW Fight Forever report details cover creation process


After a flurry of leaks and official reveals last week showed the AEW Fight Forever cover and trailer, we're learning even more about the game.

According to a new report via Fightful Select, the cover art for AEW Fight Forever was actually a creation by THQ Nordic and not by the AEW graphics team.

The cover has drawn mixed reactions, and we've now learned even the cover athletes themselves didn't know what it would look like until the images leaked.

AEW Fight Forever
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FIGHT FOREVER: Six AEW stars were featured on the cover art

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An episode of All Elite Arcade with Evil Uno did provide a bit more clarity on AEW Fight Forever, and in the video he clarified the initial image released by THQ Nordic was the "key art" and not necessarily the cover art.

That was technically true, as the cover had not been officially unveiled but rather leaked by pre order listings going live.

Evil Uno did say the key art revealed could still be the cover design, and more pre order listings having box art featuring the design seems to have confirmed it is indeed what will be on the cover.

Mini Games, roster, and Japan news

One of the more surprising bits of news as we began learning about with the full trailer leak is that AEW Fight Forever will feature several mini games.

We've already gotten a glimpse of a Home Run Derby, coin gathering, and dance related mini game.

AEW Fight Forever
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HOME RUN: Channel your inner slugger at AEW Bank Field

According to the same Fightful Select report mentioned above, there's at least one more mini game yet to be revealed that will be connected to Orange Cassidy.


They also reiterated that "several talent that arrived around the beginning of the year" were told they wouldn't make the cutoff to join the AEW Fight Forever roster.

Developer Yuke's has been in high gear for several months pushing to get the game ready, but we still don't have full confirmation of a release date.

Fightful reiterated that their previous report of September 2022 was still possible, but the internal release date for the title has reportedly been moved several times.

AEW Fight Forever has gone live for pre order with a date listed of December 31, 2022, but that's only a placeholder date given to retailers when the exact date hasn't been revealed just yet.

Finally, on the note of what comes next, Fightful added there were rumors from both the publisher and developer that more could be revealed next month in Japan, and THQ Nordic is expected to have a presence at Gamescon.