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Minecraft: How to breed horses

Minecraft Horses
Credit: Minecraft Wiki

This is RealSport's guide for how to breed horses in Minecraft! Minecraft has a lot of features beyond building structures and exploring the open-world environment. One of these features is the variety of animals roaming the world.

We've already shown you how to tame horses in Minecraft, but this guide will show you how to multiply your four-legged flock. Horses have multiple uses, including making riding around the world even quicker than normal.

How do you breed horses in Minecraft, though? We've got everything you need to know right here!

How to breed horses

To breed horses, you first have to find and tame horses. In short, you can do so by heading to the grasslands or savanna and finding a horse in the wild.

You can tame horses by feeding them one of several food items such as carrots and apples. Jump on the back of the horse and it will eventually accept you. You may get kicked off a few times, but this will eventually be successful.

It takes two to tango, but horses are genderless in Minecraft, so any two horses will do for breeding.

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Credit: Mojang Studios / Xbox Game Studios

Get your horses together, feed them either a golden carrot or golden apple each. To create a golden apple or carrot, you'll need to head to a crafting table and use eight pieces of gold together with an apple or carrot.

Once the horses are fed, you should see red hearts appear above their heads, similar to how they looked when you first tamed them. This will mean they're getting into the act and you should see a baby horse appear as a result.

Around 20 minutes later, you should see that baby horse grow into an adult and be able to be ridden around to explore or into battle when you wish. You can even kit out your horse with special horse armour that can be crafted.

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