Madden 21: The Yard is the innovation NFL games need

The new game mode could be exactly what fans are looking for in EA’s NFL title.

by Brandon Ridgely
madden 21 the yard innovation

The Madden series is one of the most popular sports franchises, but a common fan complaint has been a lack of diversity and change in the game.

With The Yard coming to Madden 21, this problem is finally solved.

What is The Yard?

The Yard is a new game mode coming to Madden 21 that will allow players to play small backyard-style games with house rules.

nfl street 2
TAKE IT TO THE STREET: NFL Street is a fond memory for gamers, and Madden 21 is looking to expand this concept

This will change up the way players engage online, and open up plenty of possibilities for Madden 21.

Innovation in the Madden series

The Madden series has always had a common complaint from fans about a lack of innovation.

madden 21 draft
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This is of course a common complaint across sports gaming. But with series like NBA 2K revolutionizing modes like MyLEAGUE (Franchise Mode) and creating The Park model – Madden did fall behind in some aspects over the years while not trying as many new things.

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The Yard is a departure from this image – and is sure to be a hit with fans. In fact, we predict The Yard to be one of the most played game modes in Madden 21.

Getting ahead

With fans anxiously awaiting Madden 21, EA have given out something to do in the meantime to get an edge on the competition and enjoy a taste of the game to come.

madden 21 mobile the yard
HEAD START: Players can get a lead on the competition by earning Madden 21 rewards via Madden NFL 21 Mobile

This involves Madden NFL 21 Mobile, where players can connect their EA accounts to earn in-game rewards for Madden 21 like in-game currency, gear, an avatar and more through The Yard: Underground.

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Fans may miss the days of the Closed Beta, but this does give the playerbase enough to tide them over to release day. It also gives fans the kind of innovation they’re looking for in the newest addition to the Madden series.

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