Madden 24: How to do Mahomes superman throw

Madden 24  Mahomes superman throw

Madden 24  Mahomes superman throw

Madden 24 is almost here and will bring plenty of new and exciting features. One of the areas the EA Sports developers worked hard on was the gameplay. They added plenty of new animations, celebrations, and improved the AI.

Among the new throw animations that were added, we have the Mahomes' superman throw. This is one of the most incredible animations the Madden franchise has added. It displays just how insanely good Patrick Mahomes is, as this throw defies the laws of physics.

So, without further ado, let's learn how to perform the Mahomes superman throw in Madden 24.

How to do the Mahomes superman throw

It's not very hard to execute the Mahomes superman throw.

First, you need to sprint outside the numbers, to either your left or right.

Then, stop spriting and throw the ball to one of the wide receivers.

Once you do this the Mahomes superman throw animation will be triggered.

We still don't know exactly how far you can throw the ball. However, some videos have shown players making 40-yard highly accurate throws using this animation.

It's also still uncertain if all the QB in the game will be able to perform this throw. Some players, which already have access to the beta, have said only three QB in Madden 24 can execute this throw.

These players also said that only QBs that have the Dashing Deadeye trait can do the Mahomes superman throw. But that is still not confirmed.

Other reports say that any QB can get the animation, but those with less agility and speed will struggle to make good throws.

We will probably only find out the full details of this move once Madden 24 comes out. Once they are revealed, we will update this article.

Madden 24 Franchise Mode

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Madden 24
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