How to earn your MUT 23 Team Captain in Madden 23 Ultimate Team

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Now that the EA Play Trial is live we can show you how to earn your Madden 23 Ultimate Team Captains, giving you a leg up in MUT 23.

There are a few players to choose from, each of which will make an impact on offense or defense, depending on the one you choose.


Let's take a look at how you can add these cards to your lineup.

How to earn your MUT 23 Team Captain

Earning your own Madden 23 Ultimate Team Captain is actually pretty easy. All it takes is completing a few challenges in MUT 23.

It all starts with the Team Captain Tryouts area, you'll get a chance to check out each of the cards so you can decide which one you want on your team.

Madden 23 Ultimate Team
NEW CHALLENGES: Work your way through these challenges and pick your item

The three available MUT 23 Team Captains are Keyshawn Johnson, Larry Csonka, Sam Adams, and Eric Allen. All of these players are 85 OVR and each of them would make a great option.

Now, let's take a look at what the exact Madden 23 Ultimate Team challenges there are.


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Keyshawn Johnson Challenge

The Keyshawn Johnson card is one that a lot of players are going to want to have in their MUT 23 linuep. It'll be nice to have a strong starting wide receiver.

Madden 23 Ultimate Team
FIRST CHALLENGE: Test your passing ability with this challenge

The difficulty setting for all of these Madden 23 Ultimate Team challenges are set to "Easy", so they'll be simple to complete.

Here's what you'll need to do:

  • Keyshawn Johnson Challenge
  • Requirements:
    • Pass for 50+ yards in the 1st quarter
    • Bonus - Score a passing touchdown

For completing both requirements, you'll receive 200 MUT 23 coins.

Larry Csonka Challenge

Adding a strong FB/RB to your MUT 23 lineup is also a good idea, especially with how defense was revamped this year.

Madden 23 Ultimate Team
LARRY CSONKA: Score a rushing TD and get a step closer to Larry Csonka

This Madden 23 challenge is focused on your rushing game, so dial up your best rushing plays and earn 30+ yards to get extra coins.

Here's the challenge:

  • Larry Csonka Challenge:
  • Requirements:
    • Score a rushing TD
    • Bonus - Rush for 30+ yards in the 1st quarter

If you want Csonka on your lineup, you'll be adding the all-time leading rusher for the Miami Dolphins.

Sam Adams Challenge

The Sam Adams card isn't one that very many Madden 23 Ultimate Team players are talking about. However, it's not a bad card.

Madden 23 Ultimate Team
A STRONG INTERIOR: Put up a strong defensive performance in this challenge

The defensive tackle position is going to be an important one as MUT 23 goes on. Sam Adams can plug the gaps and prevent any game-breaking runs.

  • Sam Adams Challenge
  • Requirements:
  • Get a first down in the 1st quarter
  • Bonus - Don't allow more than 40 yards this drive

This could be a good card to add but if you want a great defensive card, we have a better option for you.

Eric Allen Challenge

This Madden 23 Ultimate Team card is our favorite of all the MUT 23 Team Captains and this challenge is a bit tougher.

Madden 23 Ultimate Team
ERIC ALLEN: Get an 85 OVR Defensive Back with this challenge

You'll need to avoid giving up 30 yards in this Madden 23 Ultimate Team challenge and you can intercept a pass for extra coins.

  • Eric Allen Challenge
  • Requirements:
    • Don't allow more than 30 yards in the 1st quarter
  • Bonus - Intercept a pass

After completing all of these challenges, you'll be able to redeem your MUT 23 Team Captians Fantasy Pack and you can choose your own captain.

To learn more about getting started in Ultimate Team, follow this link.