Madden 23 Content Release: Hispanic Heritage, AKA Packs, TOTW 4 & Legends

As we continue to ramp through the first season of the game, the Madden 23 content release has been updated for this week.

We're getting a new program, the Hispanic Heritage Month program, and updates to currently active Ultimate Team programs as well.

Here's what you need to look out for this week.

Madden 23 Content Release Schedule

The Madden 23 content release schedule revealed a new program which we'll go over below but before we do that, let's take a look at the schedule.

Hurricane Ian has postponed several EA drops in Madden 23 Ultimate Team and this includes the release of the Hispanic Heritage Month program.

Madden 23 content
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RELEASE SCHEDULE: Tune into Good Morning Madden for all the reveals.

The Good Morning Madden stream, which you can watch here, will likely detail the release of the Madden 23 Hispanic Heritage Program.

Here's what else you can expect this week from EA:

  • Good Morning Madden
  • Additional AKA Program Items
  • Full Team of the Week Reveal for Week 4
  • Hispanic Heritage Month Program Launch - 10/7
  • Madden 23 Ultimate Team Legends

The only date that was confirmed was the Hispanic Heritage Month Program launch which will be on October 7, 2022.

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AKA Pack Update in MUT 23

The AKA Packs will continue to receive updates throughout Madden 23 Ultimate Team and two new cards are available now.

Calvin Johnson and Darrelle Revis are coming to MUT 23 with two new 91 OVR cards that are guaranteed to boost your team's ability.

Madden 23 Content
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NEW AKA CARDS: Head to the MUT Marketplace and grab a few free cards.

If we had our choice between these cards we'd easily take Calvin Johnson as having great receivers is desperately needed for Ultimate Team.

Here are the AKA abilities for the two cards available:

  • Calvin Johnson
    • Theme Team: Detroit Lions
      • X Factor: Double Me - 3 AP
      • WR Apprentice - 1 AP
      • Deep Out Elite - 1 AP
      • Mid In Elite - 1 AP
  • Darrelle Revis
    • Theme Team: New York Jets, Kansas City Chiefs, New England Patriots, Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
      • X Factor: Shutdown - 3 AP
      • On The Ball - 0 AP
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  • Acrobat - 3 AP
  • Flat Zone KO - 1 AP

There are likely going to be some extra updates for the AKA Packs in MUT 23 with the next Madden 23 content release.

Hispanic Heritage Program

The Hispanic Heritage Program will be released on October 7 and we could see a ton of cards added to the Ultimate Team platform soon.

More than likely, there will be several historic Hispanic players from NFL history and we decided to make a few predictions.

Madden 23 content release
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ROMO MUT CARD: Could we receive a Tony Romo MUT card soon?

We put together a list of other players that we think will make it into the Madden 23 Hispanic Heritage program:

  • Tony Romo - QB - Dallas Cowboys
  • Tony Gonzales - TE - Kansas City Chiefs
  • Ron Rivera - LB - Chicago Bears
  • Anthony Muñoz - OT - Cincinnati Bengals

These are just a few of the cards that we think could make it into this program. We'll have to wait until October 7, 2022, to find out if they do.

TOTW 4 & Ultimate Legends

As always, each week in the NFL will bring together a new Team of the Week, and the full squad has already been revealed.

The Champion was revealed as John Randle, a Defensive Tackle that has a 91 OVR rating. This list was released shortly after the Madden 23 content schedule.

Madden 23 Ultimate Team
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TEAM OF THE WEEK: Two Champion cards and an LTD were revealed today.

The LTD Za'Darius Smith card was revealed for Ultimate Team with this Madden 23 content drop along with a Champion Plaxico Burress.

We're also anticipating that there will be more Ultimate Legends to be revealed later this week.

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