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Madden 22: New Abilities on the way after latest Title Update

Madden 22 is hoping to keep its players happy and playing through the entire year, they've definitely taken a step in the right direction with the latest Title Update.

Players should be excited to learn that new abilities are being introduced to the game that will change the way they play for the entire year.

Let's check out the new abilities brought to Madden 22 after the Title Update.


Madden 22 Update Adds New Abilities

The latest addition to Madden 22 along with some other incredible updates revolving around Scouting are the new abilities for players to get accustomed to.

These abilities range from offense to defense to X Factor enhancements and more. With all these additions, some players might be confused about how they'll affect the game.

Kyler Murray and the team in Madden 22
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NEW ABILITIES: Madden 22 brings some fresh content to the franchise

Let's get started with the first ability we noticed "Run-Off Elite".


Run-Off Elite

Run-Off Elite is described as: "Players with this ability will distract defenders for longer with their runoffs". The Dev's went on to explain that this is an ability for wide receivers that will take their defenders downfield longer on running plays.

This will give you as a running back more time to hit the corner and turn upfield before you have to worry about defensive backs in Madden 22.

On The Ball

The next ability we took notice of was On The Ball, this is essentially the counter to Run-Off Elite. On The Ball gives players the ability to not be as fooled by a wide receivers run off ability.

If your defender has this ability it will counteract the Run-Off Elite and wind up as a stalemate. It's a good ability to have if your opponent likes to run the football.

Madden 22 Justin Tucker
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PRECISION: The Precision Kicker ability is a must have for your Kicker.

Precision Kicker


This ability is going to be an amazing addition for your Madden 22 kicker. This is huge for players as you'll be able to see the entire kicking arc.

Prepare to be automatic just like Justin Tucker when using this ability.


As far as defensive abilities go this is the first one we took notice of. The Crusher ability will cause heavy fatigue penalties when tackling a ball carrier with a hit-stick tackle.

You might not cause a fumble on the first hit-stick tackle, but the second one could pop the ball. Be careful with the hit-stick though, you could wind up missing entirely.

Minnesota Vikings in Madden 22
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BIG HITS: Use the Crusher ability to tire out your opponents best rusher



Another Madden 22 defensive ability is Demoralizer where defenders with this ability will clear a ballcarrier's progress towards entering the zone with a hit-stick tackle.

We'll have to see this in action to see how it works on the goalline. If you have the ability to keep an opponent out of the endzone with this perk it'll be a game-changer.

Mind Reader (X Factor)

So this ability is going to freak people out in Madden 22 because when activated, defenders can see offensive play art via coach cam.

The interesting thing will be whether or not you'll know that someone has activated this ability or not. If so you could audible, but they'd likely know the play before you run it. The Dev's chimed in to say that This X-Factor will not be immediately available in Madden Ultimate Team, but it will be available in Franchise.

Here are the keys to activating this ability:

  • Can only be activated after the player lands three successful hit-sticks in Simulation or Arcade.
  • The player will need five successful hit-sticks in Competitive.
  • The opponent will need to gain 30 yards on offense to knock you out of the zone.