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Madden 22: Ultimate Carolina Panthers Theme Team in MUT 22

An easy way to build a strong Madden Ultimate Team in Madden 22 is by starting with a Theme Team. These are teams that use an existing NFL team as a base.

This is good for Team Chemistry, but also is fun for players that would like to build a MUT 22 team that is based on their favorite NFL squad. Today, we'll be building the Carolina Panthers Theme Team.

Let's go over the best cards on offense and defense and everything you'll need to build a Carolina Panthers Ultimate Theme Team.

Madden 22: Carolina Panthers Theme Team

The Carolina Panthers Theme Team is growing in popularity because of some new cards that have been added to the MUT 22 database.

By using these cards you can fill out a strong team of former and current Carolina Panthers players. We'll break it down for you on offense and defense to keep it simple.

Madden 22 Ultimate Team Carolina Panthers
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TAKE THE FIELD: Gear up as the Carolina Panthers in Madden 22

We'll start with the offensive players you should add to your Carolina Panthers Ultimate Theme Team. This will cover a few different positions but should help you get started.

Best Panthers Theme Team Cards

As always, with any Ultimate Theme Team, you're going to want to have the best cards filling out the lineup. This might cost a tad bit of Training Points to get done though.

Hopefully, if you spend higher on the skill positions, you can spend less for some others. However, some of the best players on the Panthers Theme Team are in the trenches.

Let's get started with the best Panthers Offense Theme Team Cards in Madden 22.

Offense: Cam Newton, Christian McCaffrey, Taylor Moton

There aren't very many options on the offensive side of the ball for the Carolina Panthers in Madden 22, but there are two great players available. One of these is the 94 OVR Cam Newton from the Gridiron set.

Madden 22 Carolina Panthers Ultimate Theme Team
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C-MAC: Christian McCaffrey is a player you'll definitely want on your Ultimate Team

Your best option at running back when building a Panthers Theme Team is the 92 OVR Christian McCaffrey from the Gridiron Guardians set, which will cost you 123K.

Our last addition is a solid player for the Right Tackle position, Taylor Moton, who is an 89 OVR player from the Heavyweights set, currently going for 44.1K.

Team Diamond: Mike Rucker - RE - 90 OVR

It's always a good idea to have one of the Team Diamonds on your Madden 22 Ultimate Team. It's great that this one is the great RE Mike Rucker.

Rucker has great power and will bull rush opposing offensive lines in MUT 22. He's also only going for 59.6K, a great price for a Team Diamond in Madden 22.

Defense: Luke Kuechly, Jaycee Horn, Vernon Butler Jr.

The defensive options for the Carolina Panthers Theme Team are much better than their offensive options. This is pretty great considering the role that defense plays in Madden 22.

For starters, in the Legends set, you have the 95 OVR Luke Kuechly at MLB. This gives you a good coverage linebacker and a phenomenal tackler. Kuechly sells for about 379K at the Auction House.

Madden 22 Carolina Panthers Theme Team
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DEFENSE: There are tons of players to choose from on Carolina's defenses

At cornerback position, the amazing 94 OVR Jaycee Horn is available from the Most Feared sets and is going for 396K. Horn is especially great in man coverage, so you should use him in that capacity.

Lastly is Vernon Butler Jr. at the DT position from the Redux sets. He sells at the Auction House for 212K and is an incredible run stopper, with the ability to get to the QB in MUT 22.

Other Ultimate Team Options

The players we listed will only fill out six positions, so we have some more, less expensive options that can help you fill out more of your Carolina Panthers Theme Team.

We're trying to keep the prices low here, but if you have the dough, go ahead and spend on the players with higher ratings in Madden Ultimate Team.

  • Jeremy Chinn (FS) - Most Feared (90 OVR) - 66.1K
  • D.J. Moore (WR) - Ultimate Kickoff (88 OVR) - 39.2K
  • Kevin Greene (LOLB) - Legends (86 OVR) - 14.9K

With these additions, you can build yourself a really strong Madden 22 Ultimate Team.

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