Madden 22 Ratings: Myles Garrett joins the 99 Club

The Madden 22 99 Club is a selective group of players at the max overall rating in the game, and Myles Garrett is now its newest member.

Here's how Myles Garrett's ratings have changed since Madden 22's launch, his new stats after the latest ratings update, and his current cards in MUT.

The Madden 22 99 Club

Myles Garrett joins an elite group of players in the Madden 22 99 Club, a lineup featuring Aaron Donald, Davante Adams, Jalen Ramsey, and Travis Kelce. Garrett is also the first 99 Club member from the Cleveland Browns.

With plenty of other 98 OVR players knocking at the door, talents like Derrick Henry, DeAndre Hopkins and more, Garrett has pushed through to earn the 99 Club spot.

Garrett didn't have to go far, as he's held a 98 OVR rating in Madden 22 since launch day, but is finally getting the recognition he deserves building on what is already a 15 sack season heading into Week 15.

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Myles Garrett in Madden 22 Ultimate Team

If you're looking to bring Myles Garrett into your Madden 22 Ultimate Team squad, you certainly have that opportunity.

Madden 22 Ultimate Team Myles Garrett TOTW 1
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DANGEROUS: Myles Garrett has some strong cards in MUT 22

Garrett has a few card options in MUT 22, including the following:

  • TOTW 1 LTD - 92 OVR
  • Series Redux - 92 OVR
  • Core Elite - 87 OVR
  • M22 Preorder Reward - 83 OVR
  • TOTW 3 Elite - 80 OVR
  • Power Up - 75 OVR

The highest rating for Myles Garrett in MUT 22 is 92, which makes him the 18th highest-rated defensive end in the game so far.

With that, Garrett can be a competitive addition to your Ultimate Team this year, and it's likely he'll have stronger cards as the 2021 NFL season comes to a close.

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Ratings Update

The latest Madden 22 Ratings Update is coming soon, and while Myles Garrett headlines as the most important change, he won't be the only one.

We do know of one other change in the upcoming Ratings Update thanks to a teaser from EA, and that is that Dalvin Cook will receive improvements to his Carrying, Awareness, and BCV (Ball Carrier Vision).

This will likely push Dalvin Cook to a 96 OVR Madden 22 rating, but we'll soon see once EA reveals all tonight!

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