Madden 21 Ratings: Best TEs predictions - Kittle, Kelce, Ertz, Gronkowski & more

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Madden 21 should be hitting shelves soon. And that means Madden 21 ratings are coming.

With a revealed, but not official, release date and some new features hinted at, it seems like EA is looking to make strides with the latest release of its iconic NFL franchise.

The tight end position is often overlooked, but it has traditionally been a game-changing spot in Madden.

Who will be the best rated tight ends in Madden 21? Let's take a look?

George Kittle (96 OVR)

The top-rated tight end is a close battle between George Kittle & Travis Kelce. We're putting Kittle #1 because of his superior run blocking, but the two could easily be tied on OVR.

Kittle is a beast with the ball in his hands and a match-up nightmare for defenses. He should be very highly rated.

Travis Kelce (96 OVR)

Like Kittle, Kelce is a monster receiver. He'll bring elite route running and catching skills to Franchise Mode.

travis kelce madden
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LETHAL WEAPON: Travis Kelce is a nightmare to cover

His blocking won't be as good as Kittle, but his receiving and after-the-catch talent should mean their OVRs are very close, if not exactly the same.

Zach Ertz (91 OVR)

There will be a gulf down to the next tight end, the Eagles' veteran Zach Ertz.

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Ertz is a supreme possession receiver but will lack the high-end speed and blocking to match the top two.

Rob Gronkowski (90 OVR)

The returning Rob Gronkowski will be a tough one to place for Madden 21 ratings adjustors.

Will he be the physical beast we knew before, or will he come back a leaner, more receiving-focused player? Either way, he is likely to rate very highly.

Evan Engram (89 OVR)

The Giants' young tight end is yet to make a serious dent in NFL defenses, but his high draft status and physical gifts should make Evan Engram a highly rated TE in Madden 21.

evan engram madden
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VERTICAL THREAT: Engram has the speed to get behind the defense

He'll have good speed and acceleration, along with strong receiving skills to torment coverage schemes.

Hunter Henry (88 OVR)

Hunter Henry is a good all-around player and that should see him rated well in Madden 21.

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With solid run blocking, good hands, and decent route running he'll be a useful weapon regardless of what kind of offense you run.

Austin Hooper (87 OVR)

After four solid years in Atlanta, Austin Hooper moved to Cleveland in the off-season.

Another good all-around player, Hooper lacks the high-end speed of others but has sensational hands and decent enough blocking to be a good option at the position.

Darren Waller (87 OVR)

The Raiders tight end was a revelation last season, posting 1,145 yards and three touchdowns.

darren waller madden
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LATE BLOOMER: Waller took off in his fourth season in the NFL

With strong athleticism but shaky blocking he'll be a slightly lesser TE than Engram, but still a very good option.

Mark Andrews (86 OVR)

The Ravens had a lot of talent tight ends last season, but Mark Andrews was the standout with 852 yards and 10 touchdowns.

His impressive route running along with good athleticism and strength will make him a player that can produce above his OVR.


Delanie Walker (86 OVR)

Despite being nearly 36 and coming off an ankle injury that ended his 2019 season, current free agent Delanie Walker is likely to still get a solid rating in Madden 21.

This spot could also belong to a number of veteran tight ends like Greg Olsen, Jared Cook, or Eric Ebron who are likely to be around the 86 OVR range too.

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