Madden 20 Ultimate Team: Best receiving running backs (HB) to buy in MUT - McCaffrey, White & more

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There are many terrific running back cards out there. With
the addition of the NFL 100 sets and now Zero Chill there has never been a
better time to pick up some quality running backs to create a dangerous ground game

However, if you are a passing master that likes to slice and dice your opponents then you will be less interested in the pounders that can smash out a yard or two up the middle.

Instead, you will be after the backs that can release on a route and find space against linebackers. Those twitchy third-down backs that can take a screen pass 80 yards for a touchdown.


While some bigger backs are great with the ball in their hands, they will often have terrible receiving stats and nothing can spoil your day more than someone dropping a third-down pass.

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We have gone through a raft of MUT backs to find those with
the best catching stats that you can rely on in key moments.

These are the best receiving backs in MUT.

Christian McCaffrey (94 OVR)

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Catching: 84


Program: Zero Chill

Team: Carolina Panthers

Auction House Value: Xbox – 284,000 / PS4 – 285,000 / PC –

It isn’t a surprise to see Christian McCaffrey as the best
receiving back in MUT. He pulled in 107 catches last year and sits at 94 in
2019 with two games to go.

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This brand new Zero Chill card is vicious. With 96 agility,
93 juke move, 91 spin move, and 91 elusiveness he is a linebackers nightmare.
His 84 catching comes with a massive 85 short route running and 79 spectacular

James White (93 OVR)

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Catching: 82


Program: Ultimate Kickoff

Team: New England Patriots

Auction House Value: Xbox – 219,000 / PS4 – 212,000 / PC –

James White has long been a problem for defenses. His
crowning moment was reeling in 14 catches during the Patriots epic comeback in
Super Bowl LI and scoring the winning touchdown.

This card is a nightmare for defenders. With a 93 juke move,
91 acceleration, and 88 speed he can fly around the field and break ankles,
while his 89 spin move and 87 elusiveness only increases the difficulty of
tackling him. With 82 catching and 82 short route he is almost uncoverable.

Alvin Kamara (92 OVR)

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Catching: 82


Program: MUT Heroes

Team: New Orleans Saints

Auction House Value: Xbox – 299,000 / PS4 – 301,000 / PC –

Alvin Kamara has been a dominant force since he entered the
NFL in 2017. He saw 100 targets in both his first two seasons, and is likely to
hit that mark again this year.

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This Kamara card is wonderful. With 92 acceleration, 91 agility,
and 87 speed it can run around most players. His 90 juke move, 89 break tackle,
and 86 elusiveness means he’ll just jump around anyone that gets close. With 82
catching, 84 short route running, and 80 catch in traffic he can dominate in
the passing game.

Christian McCaffrey (90 OVR)

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Catching: 80


Program: Signature Series

Team: Carolina Panthers

Auction House Value: Xbox – 351,000 / PS4 – 375,000 / PC

It’s no surprise to see Christian McCaffrey featured twice
as he has been utterly dominant in 2019 and is likely to receive more high-end
cards in Madden 20.

His Signature Series card brings a terrific 92 agility along with 86 speed and 87 acceleration. He is a nightmare to tackle thanks to an 89 juke move, 87 spin move, and 86 elusiveness, not to mention that 80 catching is paired with an 81 short route running stat to make him a problem for any linebacker in coverage.

Austin Ekeler (93 OVR)

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Catching: 77


Program: TOTW

Team: Los Angeles Chargers

Auction House Value: Xbox – 392,000 / PS4 – 338,000 / PC –

Austin Ekeler has made the most of his opportunities this
year, and especially in Week 14 when he racked up over 100 yards rushing and
100 yards receiving on just 12 total touches to earn this TOTW card.

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This beast of a card brings 92 speed, 92 acceleration, 92 agility,
and a killer 92 juke move. His 77 catching is backed up by 74 short route
running, 75 spectacular catch, and a 90 elusiveness that will drive opponents

The best receiving backs in Ultimate Team

Player Catching OVR Team Program AH Value (Xbox/PS4)
Christian McCaffrey8494Carolina PanthersZero Chill284k / 285k
James White8293New England PatriotsUltimate Kickoff219k / 212k
Alvin Kamara8292New Orleans SaintsMUT Heroes299k / 301k
Christian McCaffrey8090Carolina PanthersSignature Series351k / 375k
Austin Ekeler7793Los Angeles ChargersTOTW392k / 338k
Darren Sproles7788Philadelphia EaglesVeterans49.9k / 44.9k
LeVeon Bell7593New York JetsMost Feared308k / 300k
Saquon Barkley7491New York GiantsMUT Heroes139k / 137k
Christian McCaffrey7484Carolina PanthersCore Elite40.1k / 30.1k
Alvin Kamara7383New Orleans SaintsCore Elite11.3k / 10k
Emmitt Smith7294Dallas CowboysLegends335k / 349k
Chris Johnson7294Tennessee TitansBlitz475k / 481k
Austin Ekeler7290Los Angeles ChargersFootball Outsiders94.1k / 92.6k
Marcus Allen7289Oakland RaidersLegends70k / 65k

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Madden Ultimate Team is full of high quality cards, and that
will only increase as the year goes on. Right now elite speed is hard to come
by, but it’s vital to the success of your team. That means you need to find the
fastest cards around and fit them into your squad where you can. We have these
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