Madden 20: Seattle Seahawks Franchise Mode trade targets, draft needs, & roster moves to win the Super Bowl

The Seattle Seahawks have had a decent amount of success since they were part of the 1976 expansion. New teams tend to struggle for a while, but they have had 3 Super Bowl appearances and won one in 2013.

Their recent history has been great for the fans they call the ‘12th Man’. They haven’t had a losing season since 2011 and haven’t finished bottom of their division since 2000.

The success of their division rivals the 49ers has taken the media attention, but the Seahawks are always in the mix, and they are currently the only team to beat the 49ers this season.


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What pieces do you need to add to make sure you
bring glory back of 2013?

Team Rating

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UNDER THE RADAR: The overall for Seattle belies their talent


The Seahawks start life in Madden rated 81 OVR. With a decent offensive rated 83 OVR, and solid defense on 80 OVR. They have a lot of talent in the team, with a focus on X-Factor Superstars MLB Bobby Wagner (99 OVR) and QB Russell Wilson (91 OVR).

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They also have great depth at HB, with Chris Carson (87 OVR), Rashaad Penny (78 OVR) and J.D McKissic (74 OVR). This is supported by Star WRs in Tyler Lockett (87 OVR) and DK Metcalf (76 OVR).

On defense, they have one of the 99 Club in Bobby Wagner (99 OVR). Alongside him are KJ Wright and Mychal Kendricks (both 81 OVR). Jadeveon Clowney is also a Star at LE (89 OVR)

how can you improve this team to fight for a Lombardi trophy?

Biggest needs

big problems you should be looking to address are focused around the Right
and the Strong Safety.


Linemen are hard to come by, but you have to do better than German Ifedi (71
OVR, 72 run block, 75 pass block) starting to win the Lombardi Trophy.

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On defense. there aren’t too many gaps. Rookie SS Marquise Blair (67 OVR, 66 Zone Cover, 66 Tackle, 63 Man Cover) has speed, but is going to give up big plays. He has decent Hit Power, but is much more of a situational player.

Trade Targets

these positions are catered for in FA but if you do want to break the bank, SS
is a position that has some real studs in the NFL right now.

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These are some of the best in the league, and if you can throw all your picks at the teams to get them, it will make you a huge title favorite;


Derwin James, Strong Safety (88 OVR)

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DEPTH: Chargers have 2 good SS's so you have a good chance of getting James

Age: 23


Stats: Jump (93), Acceleration (92), Hit Power (91), Speed (90), Agility (89), Pursuit
(85), Man Cover (84), Zone Cover (84)

leading talent at the position of need. You won’t be able to draft a player
with this much upside at the age of 23. The Chargers have a ready-made
replacement in Adrian Phillips.

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He has elite acceleration (92) and tackling (79) for the position. His play recognition (86) is great for a young player and his Hit Power (91) will create turnovers. His development trait is Superstar X-Factor which means he has enormous upside to come too.

Jamal Adams, Strong
Safety (90 OVR)

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STUD: Jamal Adams is one of the best young players in the game


Age: 24

Stats: Hit Power (95), Speed (91), Play Recognition (91), Zone Coverage (90),
Acceleration (90), Pursuit (90), Man Cover (86)

going to be harder to get, but boy is he worth it. This guy is dominating the
NFL in real life and is even better on the game.

He has elite everything. Hit Power (95) and Zone Cover (90)
will make him a turnover machine. Play Recognition (91)
is amazing for a young player. He is a Superstar player so will grow with focus
and development.

Free Agency Targets

guys won’t cost you draft picks, but you’ll need some cap space to sign them.

Eric Berry, Strong
Safety (87 OVR)

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LEGEND: Battled cancer and still one of the best


Age: 30

Best Stats: Acceleration (89), Speed (89), Zone Cover (88), Play Recognition (87), Hit Power (86), Man Cover (81)

Berry was a dominant All-Pro safety a few years ago before suffering from Cancer. After a year out, he made a comeback and was just as good as before he left. His miracle story has left him without a team this season though and you can use that your benefit.

With fair acceleration (89) and speed (89), he won’t be a liability at the position. Zone Cover (88) is absolutely elite and Berry is a lockdown Safety in passing coverage.

Clint Boling, Right Guard (76 OVR)

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DEPTH: Boling can play anywhere on the OL


Age: 30

Stats: Strength (87), Lead Block (86), Impact Block (86), Awareness (85), Run
Block (76), Pass Block (75)

 House Rules mode available on MUT for limited time

Seahawks OL isn’t the worst in the league, but it does lack quality in depth. We
don’t really have much access to any so I would acquire Boling and then edit
him to being a Right Tackle. He doesn’t lose too much (74 OVR) and he has OK
strength (87) to deal with big
DTs. His run block (76) and pass block (75) is well balanced,
and he runs a power offense well.

Draft Targets

The draft should focus on depth across the team and trying to find an LT replacement for Duane Brown (84 run block, 86 pass block) who is 34 and likely to retire soon.

Any other starters on the offensive line would be valuable before then reverting to best player available, but avoiding positions like QB and MLB where the Seahawks have a lot of money invested in true studs of the game.