Madden 20 NFL Free Agency: Free card, What is it? When is it? Masters, Heroes, & more

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Coronavirus may have crushed the sporting world, but Madden 20's Ultimate Team crew are keeping us well supplied.

A brand new program - NFL Free Agency - will take place over the next two weeks too keep MUT players entertained.

What does this program consist of? And more importantly, what freebies are there for players?

Let's find out!

Release date

NFL Free Agency enters Madden 20 today!

It is expected to go live at 10:30am ET / 2:30pm GMT.

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This promo will have two parts, with the first batch of players getting released today and the second next week.


mut free agency clowney
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MONSTER: Clowney will be a beast in MUT

So far we know of two 98 OVR masters for this promo.

They are ROLB Jadeveon Clowney and LG Joe Thuney.

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Both are exceptional cards that will be highly sought after, but both can be earned by players through sets.

Solo Challenges & free card

MUT Free agency hunter henry
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MY HERO: You can get this card for free!

Not everything will behind a paywall or for those rich in coins & training though.

There will be a chance for players to earn a NAT 96 OVR Free Agency Hero card too!

You can do this by earning 120 stars in the Solo Challenges. Unfortunately, the first release will only have 100 stars available, so you will have to wait until next week to bring that freebie into your team!

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