25 Sep 2020 5:22 PM +00:00

Madden 18: All the best young running backs (RB)

A great running back gives you all the power in a game. Need to drain the clock? No worries, run it. Want to rest your defense? Run it. Have to get the ball away from your own endzone? Run it. 

Not every team is blessed with the kind of running back that can put a whole offense on it's back and carry them for a full game, and even fewer have a running back that will last for years.

How to choose the best young running backs on Madden's Franchise Mode

We are looking for the best young running backs on Madden 18 Franchise Mode. Backs don't have a long shelf life, so we are looking only at those aged 23 or younger, and the higher the stats the better. These are guys that can not only help your team win now but they can be incredibly useful players for the next five or six years, so no matter how deep you play into Franchise Mode, these guys are worth having.

For a full list of all the best young running backs please see the table at the bottom of the page