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*UPDATED* Project L Riot Games: Which Champions are Revealed so far?

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Discussions around Riot Games' new free-to-play fighting game, Project L, are rising. People are becoming impatient as they wait for the release date of the game to be announced.

Although there isn't a whole bunch of information out there just yet. There are a bunch of champions who have been confirmed through trailers. Leaks have also filled out the roster but these are not yet confirmed by Riot.

So, let's take a look at what champions are confirmed and which champions have been leaked.

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*UPDATED* Leaks Suggest Project L Roster

More leaks have been revealed for Riot's latest game, Project L.

A questionnaire from the company asked players what their thoughts on certain champions were.

These champions may be included in the game.

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A big announcement trailer was revealed a few days ago. With gameplay clips shown, some of the official champions featured in the game have been released.

Darius confirmed for Project L

Project L Darius
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Darius is an obvious addition who is perfect for a fighting game. His abilities from League of Legends transfer nicely into the fighting game arena. Especially his 'get over here' Apprehend ability.


Ahri from Project L
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With Ahri's fab mobility and brilliant colours. She makes a perfect choice to include in Project L. Additionally, her abilities again transfer nicely into a fighting game. However, her fox-fire ability may be a little strong in the close quarters of a fighting game.

Jinx confirmed for Project L

Project L Jinx
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Ranged champions may seem a little risky to add into a fighter game. Luckily for Jinx, her squishy stats don't transfer into this new game. The hype for League of Legends Arcane is still hanging around. We should expect to see Jinx featured a lot more in Riot's future games.


Katarina in Project L
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Katarina is another close-quarters fighter who will be brilliant for Project L. Additionally, it makes sense for assassins to be included in the game due to their bursty and fast-paced damage output.

Ekko confirmed for Project L

Ekko from project L
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The ability to manipulate time will definitely help Ekko in this fighting game. It will definitely be interesting to see how Riot games implement him in this fighting game.


Illaoi in project L
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Illaoi was officially confirmed on August 1 2022. The Riot games blog post showed some art for her and showed excitement with...

"It felt like we could really create something special while paying homage to all of the Illaoi fans out there."

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