LoL 12.8 COUNTDOWN: Release Date, Time, Patch Notes & Latest News

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League of Legends' next update, LoL 12.8, will be live VERY soon!

It's set to bring a huge spotlight to several of the game's champions, starting off with the highly-anticipated Swain "mid-scope update" later trickling down to the normal buffing and nerfing of champions.

The patch is also introducing tons of new skins, adding to the Solar and Lunar Eclipse lines while also adding two new standalone skins for Gangplank and Yasuo.

That being said, what day and time the LoL 12.8 update comes out, patch highlights, and more.

UPDATED - LoL 12.8 arrives in less than a few hours!

We're just hours away from the League of Legends 12.8 update going live.

Once available, players will be able to play around with the new Swain update and the plethora of other champions changes coming with the new patch.

LoL 12.8 Release Date & Time

Adhering to the official League of Legends patch schedule, LoL 12.8 hits live servers on Wednesday, April 27, 2022.

As always, players can expect League of Legends' servers to go down for maintenance at 6am EST before going live with the new update at 9am EST. This means that once release time comes all of the new skins, champion changes, and more will be available in-game.

For a more accurate timeframe, follow our countdown below to make sure you don't miss out on the fun!

LoL 12.8 Release Time


Patch Notes Highlights

There are tons of new changes coming in League of Legends patch 12.8.

Of course, there are the usual new skin releases and overall gameplay tuning, but this time around, the patch will take a more champion-centered approach, handing out more buffs and nerfs than usual. It will also bring on tons of new skins.

Champion Buffs and Nerfs

In total, the LoL 12.8 update will affect 19 champions. These come in the form of buffs, nerfs, and in Swain's case, a rework.

LoL 12.8 COUNTDOWN: Release Date, Time, Patch Highlights - Swain rework
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Credit: Riot Games
SOLO: Swain's rework will aim to make him stronger in the solo lanes

A total of 14 champions will be buffed, with Poppy, Zoe, Jhin, and Bard being the more outstanding ones. While three champions will be hit with nerfs.

This leaves two champions to be adjuisted, Kai'Sa with her AP ratios, and Swain with a rework thanks to the upcoming "mid-scope update."

For the full patch notes on the champion buffs, nerfs, and reworks, visit here.

LoL 12.8 Skins

Apart from the plethora of champion changes, League of Legends' eighth patch is set to introduce a total of eight skins.


First up will be three skins joining the Solar Eclipse line, these are Kayle, Sejuani, and Sivir.

LoL 12.8 COUNTDOWN: Release Date, Time, Patch Highlights - Solar Eclipse Kayle
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Credit: Riot Games
BRIGHT: Kayle will shine with her Solar Eclipse skin

Kayle and Sejuani's skins will be 1350 RP each while Sivir's skin will be priced at 1820 RP.

Second, will be three skins joining the Lunar Eclipse line with Aatrox getting one and Senna getting two, a Prestige Edition.

Both these new skins will be purchasable at 1350 RP each with Senna's Prestige Edition is priced at 125 ME.

Lastly, In addition to the Solar and Lunar Eclipse skins, two other unrelated skins, Sea Dog Yasuo, and Gangplank the Betrayer will also join with LoL 12.8 and will also be priced at 1350 RP each.

For more information on the new skins coming in LoL 12.8, visit here.

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