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LoL 12.8 Skins: New Solar and Lunar Eclipse skins revealed

It looks like Riot Games aren't hitting the breaks anytime soon when it comes to releasing new high quality skins in League of Legends Season 12, and the PBE has plenty of new additions as a result!

These include new Solar and Lunar skins, as well as two standalone skins for Gangplank and Yasuo. Even better, these skins are expected to arrive in League's upcoming update, LoL 12.8.

With that, here are the latest new League of Legends' 12.8 skins as well as their price and animations.

LoL 12.8 Skins

League of Legends Season 12 has offered a ton of awesome skins so far. Be it by the kicking off of the Lunar New Year Celebration from 12.2 and a return of the Shockblade skin line in 12.4, to the recently released Arcana skins as a part of 12.6, they are tough acts to follow.

However, Riot has been able to outdo themselves once again this time by introducing eight new skins, giving the popular Lunar and Solar skin lines three each, as well as giving Gangplank and Yasuo some new indepedent skins as well.

Solar Eclipse Skins 2022

The Solar Eclipse skin line takes the power of the sun and infuses it into a variety of champions, ending up with some wonderfully bright and bold looks and animations. Originally just featuring Leona, some new champions are picking up Solar Eclipse skins in LoL 12.8 - including Kayle, Sejuani, and Sivir.

Kayle and Sejuani's skins will be 1350 RP each while Sivir's skin will be priced at 1820 RP.

Check out the animations of these new skins below:

Solar Eclipse Kayle

Solar Eclipse Sejuani

Solar Eclipse Sivir

Lunar Eclipse Skins 2022

Opposing the Solar Eclipse skin line and utilizing the power of the moon, the Lunar Eclipse line shines brightly throughout the night with its own dazzling looks and animations. Originally just featuring Leona as well, some other new champions will soon receive Lunar Eclipse skins in LoL 12.8, including Aatrox and Senna with Senna getting an additional Prestige Edition as well.

Both of these new skins will be purchasable at 1350 RP each with Senna's Prestige Edition being priced at 125 ME.

Check out these new Lunar Eclipse skins and animations in action below:

Lunar Eclipse Aatrox

Lunar Eclipse Senna

Lunar Eclipse Senna Prestiege Edition

Gangplank the Betrayer and Sea Dog Yasuo

In addition to the Solar and Lunar Eclipse skins, two other unrelated skins, Sea Dog Yasuo, and Gangplank the Betrayer have surfaced on the PBE as well.

These seem to have a Bilgewater-focused theme to them, having elements that come from their appearances in the standalone single-player RPG, Ruined King.

Like the newly Solar and Lunar Eclipse skins, they will also be purchasable at 1350 RP each.

See these awesome new skins in action below:

Gangplank the Betrayer

Sea Dog Yasuo

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