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Every new Auto Shop location in GTA Online after the Los Santos Tuners update

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The LS Car Meet and its Test Track and Prize Ride is undoubtedly the biggest talking point of the Los Santos Tuners update. That doesn't mean they're the only things new in GTA Online, though. The Auto Shop properties that have been added to GTA Online are worth talking about and we have everything you need to know about all the Auto Shop locations and why you should invest in one.

LATEST - One Main Reason To Buy An Auto Shop

You might not care about modifying your cars, or even the LS Car Meet, but there's one main reason why you should still invest your GTA$ into one of GTA Online's Auto Shop locations. Contracts have been added to GTA Online and they are only accessible through an owned Auto Shop.

What is a Contract though? We'll let Rockstar Games tell you... Here's a snippet of the Update 1.54 Patch Notes that goes over what they are:

  • Contracts: Contracts are new robbery-style jobs that consist of two planning missions in Free Mode, followed by a final job to close the contract. Six Contracts are available at launch, with two more being added in future:
    • The Superdollar Deal
    • The Bank Contract
    • The ECU Job
    • The Prison Contract
    • The Agency Deal
    • The Data Contract

The Los Santos Tuners update has technically added eighteen new crime-based missions to GTA Online on top of all the car-related content. It wasn't talked about a lot in the build-up to the content's release, but it has to be considered as one of the highlights of another incredible update.

Where To Find The Auto Shops?

Following the Los Santos Tuners update, Rockstar Games has added five new Auto Shop locations to the game that are available to purchase via the Maze Bank Foreclosures site in-game. However, they only appear after attending the LS Car Meet for the first time.

If you're familiar with GTA Online's business-based gameplay, this will all be familiar to you. If not, it might be worth looking into it because they're a great way to generate passive income on GTA Online and can be used to access certain features in-game.

Here's where you should be looking to find all the Auto Shop locations in Los Santos following the Los Santos Tuners update:

GTA Online Auto Shop Locations
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AUTO SHOP LOCATIONS - Here's where you need to be looking

All the Auto Shop locations are located in the main city and will vary in price, like every other business in GTA Online.


How Much Do They Cost?

It looks like these Auto Shops are going to set you back a little more than your average Garage. As you can see in the image above, the southern-most Auto Shop is going to set you back GTA$ 1,750,000. This might not even be the most expensive one and thus we should see prices vary from around GTA$ 1,600,000 to GTA$ 2,500,000.

In a similar fashion to other GTA Online businesses, you can purchase additional add-ons and customisation options for your Auto Shop Locations. As you can see below, it looks like you can spend near-on GTA$ 5,000,000 on an Auto Shop if you want "the works".

GTA Online Auto Shop Locations
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MONEY MONEY MONEY - Spend it to make it, right?

It's worth noting that this includes the LS Car Meet Membership. You can buy this separately if you want, so the price could drop to something closer to GTA$ 4,000,000 than GTA$ 5,000,000.


Worth The Money?

It's hard to say, really. It can take some time for you to start making a profit on your GTA Online businesses. However, if you already have a steady cash flow, it's well worth considering adding at least one Auto Shop to your business empire.

You can check out GTA Max Profit here if you want more information about how you can try and maximise profit from whichever of the Auto Shop Locations you purchase.