GTA 6 Online should take a leaf out of Fortnite's book

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The landscape of gaming has changed substantially since the release of GTA way back in 2013.

Gameplay, Graphics and storytelling have all expanded to encompass even wider themes and styles.

The likes of Fortnite (and subsequently PUBG and Rocket League) have proven a constantly updating world is the best way to keep players engaged.


This being said, it's fair to suggest the years have taken a toll on the team over at Rockstar.

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For this reason, let's explore where Grand Theft Auto 6 could go next and how recent updates might hint at something much bigger.

How does it work right now?

GTA 5 launched entirely on single-player and later a (now standalone) multiplayer launched based on the same map and aesthetic. It gave players the chance to ride around the city, take part in missions and hang out with their friends.

GTA 6 Multiplayer
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A NEEDED CHANGE: Multiplayer is good but could always improve

The map takes up to 30 players at one time and you are more or less free to do what you like within the confines of the game.


It has these micro balancing acts like a karma system placing aggressive players on the same servers and docile players together.

This allows for the freedom to host roleplay servers, racing servers and some for utter chaos.

This system works brilliantly in allowing 10 different players to have 10 very different experiences.

That being said, what you play now won’t be all that different to the game you played last year.

The evolving map

Alongside claims of a modern-day Vice City map, it is believed Rockstar is currently exploring an “evolving map” for the game, much like that is found in Fortnite.

Big events change up the entire world and leave remnants of those actions around the map.

From an alien invasion to a primal throwback, it has shown this regular change of scenery has been a phenomenal way of keeping players around.

GTA 5 Online
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RING THE CHANGES: An everchanging world could really shake things up

If GTA follows in these footsteps, it may suggest that the multiplayer and single player are actually linked, perhaps having story missions operate like missions in the multiplayer.


You could advance it at any time, perhaps with a few people with you.

GTA Online currently has missions designed to be beaten solo so it’s not a wild assumption to think Rockstar could do this. The only issue presenting itself here is your player character and their inventory.

That being said, if for the first time in GTA, you could customize your own character, this would work perfectly with a simultaneous multiplayer world.

Perhaps the evolving world only refers to the multiplayer - and the single player will be left behind with the original map

How might the multiplayer work?

GTA Online is already the most important thing in the game in regards to the company's focus.

That single-player DLC never came but plenty of multiplayer updates did. Then, having a look at the recent LS Car Meet, this could set a precedent for the series.

The game could receive regular updates that not only add missions for players to complete but social spaces to hang out in and exclusive clubs to be a part of.

GTA Online Los Santos Car Meet
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REAL MULTI PLAYER: We want a social experience

Recent updates have attempted to give players clubs to join and experiences to witness.


Like Fortnite hosting concerts, trailers and worldwide events, this ability to experience something together is paramount as to how these games work so well. After all, this is where the charm of multiplayer games lie.

When you purchase your game, you don’t just buy the right to play the game, you purchase a social boarding pass to that online community - you grasp something that allows you to connect to other human beings across San Andreas - across the world.

Fundamentally, this is what I want to get out of my Next Gen GTA experience.

I want something that allows me to connect, I want something unique, I want an experience only GTA can deliver in its own unique way.