Does Fortnite have a first-person mode?

fortnite in first person

fortnite in first person

Many of you will play Fortnite each and every day and wonder why a first-person mode hasn't already been added. Well, if you only partake in the battle royale game mode, you might not have seen what's possible in Creative and Save the World.

While BR is naturally the most popular of the three game modes, it's also the only one not to receive some kind of first-person option, but is all of this about the change?

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Fortnite BR First Person Mode Incoming?

As we've already pointed out, the first-person view in Fortnite is possible is both Creative and Save the World game modes. With battle royale being the biggest of the three, it leaves us with questions as to why it hasn't been added to the multiplayer mode yet.

Well, all that could be about to change in Fortnite Chapter 4 as it appears a first-person mode is finally on the way. It's been mentioned by multiple reliable sources like @HYPEX that this much anticipated new way of playing will arrive during Chapter 4, Season 1.

Permanent or LTM?

To keep things grounded, we need to look at whether or not the first-person mode will be a permanent addition or just another Limited Time Mode.

We can only look to the recent addition of Zero Build for more indication on how this will play out. It's clear that Zero Build helped the popularity of Fortnite massively but we don't expect a first-person mode to have quite the same effect.

It could be that Epic rolls out the first-person playlist initially with the view of it only being an LTM. It's unclear whether or not third and first-person players can share a lobby but we would assume they would be kept separate for now.

Should first-person play prove popular enough, it could become a permanent fixture and part of Fortnite going forward.

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