Reality will end in the Fortnite Season 5 event

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 has been a crazy season, with Agent Jonesy crossing dimensions to bring Hunters to the game.

They have included characters from the likes of God of War, Halo, The Walking Dead, Street Fighter amongst others.

As Season 5 draws to a close, it looks like all of Agent Jonesy's efforts could have been for nothing.


New Audio Log Released

As Epic Games hypes up the new season ahead of the Season 5 event, a new audio log has been released.

In it, Agent Jonesy states that they have lost control of the Zero Point and that its all been for nothing.

Will Joney be able to save the Fortnite island, or will he need help in Season 6?

"Reality log...does it even matter?
What's the point of recording these logs if you're not going to listen?
We've lost control of the Zero Point, do you get what that means?
You must not because you're doing nothing.
I've dedicated my life to the Order.
I've given everything.
And for what?
To just sit back and watch Reality end?
That's not who we are.
At least it's not who I am.
Not anymore."

Season 5 will conclude with an end of season event that will take place at the start of Season 6.

This will be a solo cinematic experience that players need to play before jumping into their match of Season 6.

It seems like Epic Games is pulling out all of the stops and this will be the biggest event we have seen so far, and we've seen some huge ones.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 Galactus event
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The Galactus event last season saw players control a Battle Bus in a clone of the Death Star run from Star Wars Episode 4.

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If Epic Games is topping that then this is going to be the largest and most important event we've seen so far in Fortnite.