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Fortnite: How to Get Shield Sprinkler

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Fortnite is a game well known for constantly changing. With new chapters and characters coming to the game, there's so much you have to pay attention to. Whenever a new item comes into the game, players tend to pile in to figure out the best way to use them. Here's what we know about the how to get the Shield Sprinkler in Fortnite so far.

What is the Fortnite Shield Sprinkler?

The Fortnite Shield Sprinkler is a sprinkler that heals you over time. It's a great asset to any fortification you have. You can throw it down and let it heal you over time.

Fortnite Shield Sprinkler
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It heals a total of 150 over 30 seconds, healing 4 every second. This could be a rather valuable addition to your inventory if you know how to use it well.

How to get the Fortnite Shield Sprinkler

There are a few central ways to get your hands on the sprinkler. As far as we know so far, you can find it in chests and even the floor occasionally. It seems like it will be rarer on the floor as it's a decent item. If you don't want to get it this way, you can get it from the Llama NPC for 250 gold.

This seems to make John Llama an even better NPC as you can get the Boom Sniper Rifle from him for 600 gold. You can now buy a weapon and health from him. It seems like his location will be a very popular one from here on out. With so many fans clamouring for this NPC, we could see some changes over the coming weeks to how the Shield Sprinkler works.

If anything changes in the coming weeks, we will update you right here. The sprinkler only goes live today so there's room for tonnes of change.

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