Fortnite Ranks Explained - How Does Ranked Play Work?

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If you're new to Fortnite thanks to Zero Build and are thinking of leaping into the Fortnite Arena game mode, you're going to need to know about the ranks too. The competitive game mode is quite simple compared to many other hidden ranking systems.

Here is everything you need to know about Fortnite Ranks and how they work.

Fortnite Ranks

There are ten divisions split into three leagues that make up the entire set of Fortnite Ranks. First up is the Open league. These are the first four divisions and are meant to be the most accessible way to get going in Arena.

Fortnite Ranks and Leagues
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The Fortnite League and Rank system.

Next up is the Contender League which contains three divisions. Here is where play starts to get a little more serious and you can compete for rewards in certain competitions. Finally, there is the Champions League. This is where the top players compete with each other for ultimate supremacy. The Weekly Cash Cups require you to be in this league to enter.

How Hype is Earned

Hype is the name for ranking points used to determine your Fortnite rank and league. In the Open League, it's free to enter a match but in higher divisions, you must spend Hype Points to start a match and this is known as Bus Fare.

Fortnite Ranks Hype Scoring
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The Hype scoring for the Open League

You then earn Hype based on your performance. This includes your finishing position as well as points for each elimination you get. This means it's entirely possible to have a great game but finish poorly provided you got plenty of eliminations.

While many competitive shooters hide their ranking system behind terms like 'elo' which cannot be seen, leading to rank gains/losses out of the blue, Fortnite is upfront and shows how everything works in plain sight. This allows you to feel more in control of your rank and performance leading to less confusion and uncertainty about where you stand.