27 Nov 2021 11:32 AM +00:00 UTC

Fortnite Chapter 3 Wishlist: Tilted Towers, Spider-Man, Battle Pass Promise

As we approach the inevitable start of Fortnite Chapter 3 in less than a week, there’s a fairly long list of items, POIs, features and more that we’re dying to see added to the game. That being said, there’s also a few that we want to stick around for the long term!

We’re going to run through our list of things we want to see added, return or stay the same as we move into this bold new phase for Fortnite.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Wishlist

We’re kicking off with a feature we want to stick around and that’s the current Battle Pass star mechanic. Too many other games have adopted the standard 100 tier system that just unlocks in order as you progress. The star method allows us to prioritise our favourite items while still locking rarer and more desirable items in higher tiers.


We would keep the current system in place as opposed to reverting to a more traditional and less-flexible option. We would, however, not turn down a return of the Fortnite Battle Pass Promise to avoid a grind like at the start of Season 8.

One POI that we want to see return is the OG Tilted Towers. It was one of the best and most diverse locations in the formative Fortnite experience and we want it back for more than just nostalgic reasons.

fortnite og tilted towers
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It may need some small tweaks to keep up with the current meta but all-in-all, the return of such a popular and prominent POI could see droves of fans from the early days return to the game.

Finally, we want the return of Character Cups. A huge feature during Chapter 2, Season 7, these mini-tournaments offer players the chance to earn brand new skins before they’re available in the item shop.

For some reason, there is yet to be one of these Cups during Season 8 and we hope they’re not gone for too long. With the rumoured arrival of Spider-Man and Goku skins soon, this would be a perfect time for these to return.