Fortnite Chapter 2: LEAKED Weapons Coming Soon!

Fresh off the latest leak from data miners we know some new weapons are coming soon!

Nick Farrell by Nick Farrell

Fortnite’s newest season ‘Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1‘ has been in full swing for almost two months now. Since players have been exploring the new map and discovering all the new and interesting locations.

Epic Games has recently shunned away from the community with weekly patch notes but that has not stopped them from implementing new updates!

The most recent update which was patch V11.20 was data miner moments before it was finished so we now know what to expect when we load up Fortnite.

So what new weapons are coming?


Scoped & Heavy AR!!

REVEALED – Looks like the scoped AR will be making a return!

The two new weapons that were found in the data miners are both weapons we have seen in the game before.

The Scoped AR was once a staple of the game, known for its high fire rate and long-range capacity, players started taking a liking to this before it hit the vault.

Its new-look version looks almost identical to what players are used to, with reduced damage it seems it is unknown if this gun will be relevant for competitive play.

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The other leaked image is a name we have seen before in Fortnite, the Heavy AR was once the AK back during Season 8 before they vaulted that weapon as well.

This new look Heavy AR looks sorta similar to an AK but its overall body design looks drastically different.

Coming in only two variants, if this weapon plays out as it did in the past it will be a devasting weapon at long range and especially headshots.

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