How to Get Carnage Skin in Fortnite Season 8

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It's finally here, Fortnite Season 8 is live and you can jump into the Cube focused action now. The crossovers are continuing too, with the Fortnite Carnage Skin arriving with the start of the new season.

If you want to grab it for yourself, we've got everything you need to know about how to get the Carnage skin, what it looks like, and what extras there are for it.

How to Get Carnage Skin in Fortnite

There is one way and one way only to get the carnage skin in Fortnite, and that's to reach tier 100 of the Season 8 Battle Pass. You can see what it looks like in the screenshot from @ShiinaBR down below:

You cannot buy the skin as part of a bundle in the item shop, nor can you unlock it for completing challenges or taking part in tournaments.

Keep grinding that XP, and hopefully you'll unlock the Carnage skin before the end of the season.

Season 8 Battle Pass

As you probably know by now, you'll need to have bought the Season 8 battle pass to unlock Carnage. You don't have to do that right away, as you'll still be gaining XP, but you'll have to buy it if you plan to get to tier 100 and want to use the themed skin.

To buy it, simply head to the correct section from the battle royale lobby. From there, select 'purchase battle pass' and exchange some hard earned V-Bucks (or purchased ones) for it.


If you've not already got any V-Bucks, just buy some for around $10 and you will have enough for it. If you get to tier 100, however, you will then get enough free V-Bucks to buy next season's without spending any more.

If the Carnage skin can be obtained in any other way in Fortnite in the future, we'll be sure to update you here.

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