Fortnite Season 8 new skins, Balenciaga deal announced

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Fortnite Season 7 is over after Operation Sky Fire brought it to an end. That means we can start looking forward to what new skins Season 8 is planning to bring us.

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We've had plenty of licensed characters and new skins for original characters but what do we expect over the coming months? Let's take a look at what new skins might arrive with Season 8.


LATEST - Balenciaga crossover announced

We're getting a huge drop of Balenciaga-inspired content in Fortnite Season 8. It will include everything from skins to sprays. Check out the content in the trailer below.

Teaser Trailer hints at Carnage?

A short teaser trailer for Fortnite Season 8 appears to confirm that Carnage is coming to the game soon.


Season 8 Starter Pack Leaks

The Fallen Light Starter Pack for Fortnite Season 8 has leaked online. While there have been a few images floating around, one leaker has put together a concept to show off what the new skins look like.


They anticipate that this Starter Pack will be available within the first few weeks of Season 8 starting.

Fortnite Season 8 New Characters

We expect a fair amount of new characters to be added during Fortnite Season 8. Naruto is confirmed but what about other highly requested icons like Goku?


It could also be that the Operation Sky Fire event introduces some new original characters that will release soon. The Trespasser Elite Skin was recently released for those who are able to meet its streaming requirements. It will eventually be released in the Item Shop but likely not until this weeks event is over.

New Skins for Season 8

One skin that has been mega-popular during Fortnite Season 7 is Birdie. She's only been available a few times but the community goes wild whenever she's in the store. Perhaps some more looks and emotes for Birdie are long overdue.

Fortnite Joey Skin
We get it Joey, you have abs and tattoos.

Wrath is another character that fits in well at this time of year. The Spooky boi will likely see a revival around Halloween during this years Fortnitemares event. There are also rumours of a Mummy skin coming soon, this would tie in with the event also.

Alongside a new season, we're sure to see some NPC's undergo some changes. Joey might put a shirt on, Sunny may go full punk rock with a mohawk, who knows. We're still unsure what the slate of NPCs will look like for Season 8. We may have a better idea once the Operation Sky Fire event is over.