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Football Manager 2021 Transfers: New feature gives you another path to signing players, release date & more!

The latest addition to Football Manager 2021 will add an element of reality not many fans approve of.

Immersion and realism have always been a standout feature for Football Manager games, with in-depth player management at its core.

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However, does this new feature enable players to be more engrossed in the game than ever before?

Let’s jump into what the feature will look like now!

New Transfer Features

With a focus on the real footballing world being a priority, FM21 has made efforts to reflect the real industry the game is based in.

To that end, managers in the game will now be able to go directly to the agent of the player they wish to sign.

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YOUR CLUB, YOUR WAY: Sign who you want to with the in-depth recruitment process

With this you will be able to gauge a player’s interest before you approach them, and what kind of figure will persuade the player to move.

This could even add to the unsettling of players and getting them to demand moves.

Your Recruitment Team

Improvements have also been made to the team of staff designed to help you make signings.

Following talks with real management staff, the recruitment team have been bolstered by a recruitment analyst.

This new role will provide you with detailed reports aiming to help you make informed decisions on who to sign.

The Transfer Market

The market itself in Football Manager 2021 has also been designed to reflect real-world volatility in financial markets.

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CHAMPIONS: We can't wait to get our hands on FM 2021

Sports Interactive has also mentioned that there will be in-game Covid effects.

Whilst it remains to be seen exactly how these will manifest in the game, one change is that loan deals can now be agreed outside of the transfer window.

Football Manager 2021 Release Date & Price

Football Manager 2021 is launching on 24 November, so get your wallets ready because you won’t want to miss out!

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You can pre-order the game for £29.99 here.

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