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Football Manager 2021 Features REVEALED - Trailer, Analysis & more

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The football season may already over a month old, but we've still got a little bit to wait for the arrival of the latest instalment of the Football Manager series.

FM21 will land on our laptops (& consoles!) next month, and we've finally got a look at what new features will be coming to the game!

FM21 Features Teaser

More to come

This is a fantastic tease from the Sports Interactive team, with the new interface a great start for fans.

The above trailer teases these features:

Start Building Your Squad

  • There looks to be an overhauled layout of your players' morale and form

Find Your Targets

  • Make recruitment meetings with your staff and discuss certain positions and roles

Bid For Players

  • The ability to "Ask Agent About Availability" looks like you can bypass the club and approach the agent first

Handle the Media

  • It looks as if you will have individual relationships with a whole range of journalists, so you may want to keep them on-side!

Perfect Your Tactics

  • Give pre-match advice to your players, which could suggest making last-minute tweaks just before kick-off

Motivate Your Players

  • A new ability to give off "body language" rather than just words!

More Detail Than EverBefore

  • New statistical graphics including heatmaps and xG are on the way!

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