FM 21 Features: How new gestures personalize interactions

Football Manager 2021 (FM 21) is nearly a month away, and brings plenty of new features to the series.

One of the most important additions in FM 21 is gestures.

Communication is Key in FM

Communication in the Football Manager series can be the difference between a win and a loss on match day.

FM 21 recruitment meetings
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GETTING WHAT YOU NEED: You'll have to communicate your wants with the scouting board

From managing training responses to pre-game pep talks, or from giving notes to substitutes to half-time talks - interaction is huge.

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And communication will take a huge leap forward in Football Manager 21 with a whole new addition, gestures.

FM 21 Gestures

Football Manager 2021 introduces a whole new personalization system to communication, gestures. These can let players speak with their body language rather than with their words.

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These new gestures will take the place of choosing your emotion, adding much more nuance to interactions.

These gestures vary depending on the situation you're in.

FM 21 press conference
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THE BRIGHT LIGHTS: How will you posture when handling press conferences?

If you're trailing at half time, sending a water bottle across the room might get your point across. If you're in front of the press and facing a bad question, shaking your head might do the trick.

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These kinds of situations will make communication feel more realistic in Football Manager 21. They will also allow players to have better control over their interactions.

FM 21 Features

While gestures will be a huge addition coming in FM 21, they're just one of many new features.

fm21 new features coaching assignments
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A WHOLE NEW WORLD: New coaching assignment customization is coming

We've covered the biggest new feature reveals here, and stay tuned as we break each down ahead of release.

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