Football Manager 2020: Free play window extended!

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With most major cities and countries in lockdown people have a lot of extra time in their day, which can now be poured into Football Manager 2020.

Sports Interactive's stellar managerial sim has been out for a while and wowing players. You can read our review of it here.

The game was made free to play on Steam last week, and the window for players to get their taste of it has been extended!

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Keep reading to find out how to get FM20 free!


Football Manager 2020 free

Football manager 2020 free
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BARGAIN: The best signing of the year is right here


This deal only applies to PC or Mac players.

To download Football Manager 2020 for free head to the Steam Store. There you will find a tab to click on.

It's that easy.

Then what?

football manager 2020 free steam
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Enjoy yourself!


With dozens of leagues and hundreds of clubs to manage the world is your oyster.

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But only for a limited time.

A 3pm GMT on 1 April the free game will end. Don't worry though, you can still carry on your save if you purchase the full game, which we strongly recommend.


FM20 tactics
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TACTICAL GENIUS: Show off your wisdom in FM20


From the start, Football Manager 2020 feels a more complete universe than ever before. From the board and player interactions to media questions and staff discussions, FM20 is a world that you dive into rather than a game you play.

Every decision you make counts somewhere, from opting to send a star youngster on loan rather than give him limited first-team minutes to braking up the chemistry of your midfield with a pair of new signings. Little things matter more this year than before.

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There are a few issues. As ever, you can’t manage Germany internationally, and thanks to their PES 2020 deal Juventus is called ‘Zebre’ this year. The transfer market still feels a little skewed against the player, but after Joao Felix made a £100+ million move this summer it is not surprising to see young talent get valued so highly by clubs.

However, this year’s game is everything you could realistically want or expect from Sports Interactive. It is engaging, while the new features don’t distract of alter the flow of the game.

FM20 will certainly come in for the usual “it’s the same” criticisms, but when the formula SI has is so good it doesn’t require an overhaul. There are a few tweaks this year that really help take everything up a notch and as a life-long FM player, they all work.

It’s a must-buy for new and old managers alike.

RealSport Rating: 4.5 stars (out of 5)