RealSport101 FIFA Advent Calendar - Day 22

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RealSport Advent Calendar Day 22

There are just three more sleeps until the big day, which means there are only three more players to be revealed in our FIFA advent calendar.

He's taking his time to get ready behind door number 22, but when this man appears he means business!

RealSport101 Advent Calendar - Day 22

This forward is often overlooked but time and time again he proves his worth, no matter the club or situation.

His highlights reel would make you think he is the GOAT and during the World Cup, he also became France's record goalscorer!

Player Moments Olivier Giroud - FIFA 21 + 22

I only really got into Ultimate Team halfway through FIFA 21, which luckily meant I was able to unlock Olivier Giroud's Player Moments card - for FREE!

That's right, the 90-rated striker came as an Objectives player and he was insane!

A lack of pace has always been the problem with using Giroud in-game, but the massive upgrade totally transforms his card into an animal, very similar to someone like Erling Haaland.

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His finishing was pinpoint and he could score from any position, quickly becoming my favourite player to use.

Luckily for me, FIFA 21 wasn't the end of his story...

This time coming via SBC, the Frenchman was handed another Player Moments card in FUT 22, with very similar stats to the previous title, and I knew I had to have him in my team.

The SBC came in at around 115,000 coins and I don't feel like a penny was wasted!

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He was a beast once again and could play as a target man, run in behind, or even turn defenders inside out.

As a fan-favourite player, it looks like we should be getting a special Giroud card for as long as his career continues, with a World Cup Stories version coming in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

May the releases long continue!

Recycling vs Crowd Pleasing


EA can rightly be accused of reusing the same selection of players to gain special cards, which the FUT community often complains about, however, the company is in a tough space.

If popular players weren't released, then the community would get at them for that too, so it's a bit of a lose-lose situation!

The safer option for them is to release cards that they know the community like to use, which will obviously make for a smaller selection pool.

At the end of the day, you can't please all the people all of the time!

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