FUT 23 Player of the Week - Refreshed TOTW & Winter Wildcards SBC items STAR

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We're taking another look at the best players in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team released over the past week!

The World Cup is now over, with Winter Wildcards returning to FUT for a two-week promo and Team of the Week 10 dropping now that the main domestic leagues are back underway.

So, who do we think are the best cards of the lot? Read on to find out.

Honourable Mentions

Before we get to the top spots, there are some names that can't be left out this week!

There are quite a few we'd like to highlight this time, so we will run through them quickly.

Winter Wildcards Karim Benzema (OVR 92)

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+ 9

An absolutely incredible Winter Wildcards item for Karim Benzema, unfortunately, his 1.5m cost on the Transfer Market will mean he is unobtainable for most.

TOTW 10 Luke Shaw (OVR 84)

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+ 9

Stick a Shadow on Luke Shaw's Team of the Week version and you have an 89-rated CB (he gained a position change) who is comfortable with the ball at his feet so you can play out from the back.

You can pick him up for just 20,000 coins!

Winter Wildcards Wout Weghorst (OVR 87)

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+ 9

A perfect example of the fun the Winter Wildcards promo can produce, the massive striker gets a move to CB (although he can also play up top too)!

Wout Weghorst can be a nuisance at both ends of the pitch, it's just a shame he's now playing in the Super Lig.

TOTW 10 Douglas Luiz (OVR 87)

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+ 9

Credit needs to be given to EA for revamping the upgrade system for TOTW, which makes the cards included a lot better with +2 IF boosts (or +3 for the featured players).

Douglas Luiz has been one of the early beneficiaries of this, jumping from a 78 OVR to an 87 OVR, and if you stick a Shadow on him you can have a Premier League player with the stats of a 91-rated CDM for just 20,000 coins.

Winter Wildcards Andre Hahn (OVR 86)

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+ 9

Although Andre Hahn's Winter Wildcards SBC didn't go down well with the wider FUT community, we wanted to shine a light on how good it actually is!

The 99 PHY stats make him really fun in-game, add a Hunter and he has 94 PAC and 92 SHO, which is pretty damn good if you ask us.

You can also play him in pretty much any midfield or forward position.

Winter Wildcards Adama Traore (OVR 86)

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+ 9

The special cards always come at some point for fan-favourite Adama Traore, and although we would have liked some better shooting stats, his immense pace, dribbling and physicality still make him a great laugh to use.

He's currently worth around 175,000 coins on the Transfer Market, which is the main downside in getting hold of him.

3rd - TOTW 10 Lois Openda (OVR 85)

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+ 9

A player's overall rating will often hide the actual ability of a card, which is exactly the case for Lois Openda's TOTW 10 version.

For a start, he has the stats of an 88 OVR ST, which can be increased to that of a 92-rated one if you add a Finisher or Marksman.

His Squad Foundations card from FUT 22 was brilliant to use in-game and this version is even better.


With (nearly) maximum pace he can also be a top option to bring off the bench and stretch defences later in the match.

2nd - Winter Wildcards Eric Bailly (OVR 87)

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+ 9

Daily Winter Wildcards player SBCs meant we got a lot more upgraded players than in usual promos and they have also delivered a couple of absolute gems.

Eric Bailly makes for a perfect Ultimate Team CB, with great pace, defending and physicality stats, as well as pretty good dribbling ones!

The fact that he came via SBC also meant he only cost around 65,000 coins to get hold of, when a player of similar qualities would be around 10 times that much on the Transfer Market.

1st - Winter Wildcards Matteo Politano (OVR 88)

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+ 9

The FUT community totally loved the release of Winter Wildcards Matteo Politano via SBC, with many saying the card is god-tier level!

We wouldn't go that far, however, he does have loads of stats that make for a top card to use in-game - fast, nippy, nimble, with a great long-shot and other decent shooting and passing stats.

On top of that, he was also given 14 - yes, FOURTEEN - Traits, some of which are Power Free-Kick, Finesse Shot, Flair, Outside Foot Shot, Swerve Pass, Flair Passes and Second Wind!

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