FIFA 23 TOTW Upgrade System - Drastic changes make stale promo exciting again

The Team of the Week (TOTW) campaign had become stale and unexciting in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, with the standard of cards generally well below the power curve of the game.

FUT players have been uninterested in the regular promo for some time now.

However, in an unlikely move, EA has made several significant changes to the TOTW upgrade system that will last from now until the end of the FUT calendar.

So, find out exactly how the new TOTW upgrade system works below and what it means for the promo going forward.

TOTW upgrade system explained

First of all, two players will be selected for Featured Team of the Week items each week, rather than one.

Every standard card in the Team of the Week will now be getting a double upgrade, whilst every Featured TOTW item will be getting a triple upgrade.

Take Lois Openda's TOTW 10 item, for example.

With the old system, Openda would have been upgraded from an 81 OVR (his previous in-form rating) to an 84 OVR.

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RAW PACE - No defender will beat Openda for pace

However, EA has given Openda a further +1 OVR upgrade, as if it was his third in-form item.

The Featured TOTW upgrades are the same, except they get three upgrades rather than two!

Mehdi Taremi's Featured TOTW 10 upgrade, for example, took him from an 81 OVR all the way to an 87 OVR in Ultimate Team.

Exciting times

This new upgrade system makes the regular Team of the Week promo, which had become uninteresting for the most part, relevant once again.

Cards that nobody would have considered using with the old system will now be more than viable in the competitive game modes.

Low-rated Gold cards like Taremi can now be propelled straight to the high 80s.

Now, if a player is on a hot streak and gets two in-forms, his card will be boosted by four, yes FOUR upgrades.

Take Alban Lafont, for example.

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BIG BOOSTS - The TOTW promo is exciting once again

If the French goalkeeper were to be included in another TOTW squad, his next in-form item will automatically become an 87 OVR card.

This will instantly make Lefont one of the most popular goalkeepers in Ultimate Team, given his links and the fact that he is 6 foot 5.

So, the new TOTW upgrade system is a giant W from EA. Almost as big as the recent changes to the FUT Draft mode.

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