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FIFA 23: INCREDIBLE NEW skill game set to become a fan favourite

The reveals are coming thick and fast, as we gather momentum towards the launch of FIFA 23.

The latest reveal showcased some brand new features coming to Pro Clubs and VOLTA, the latter of which has seen a new addition added.

Check below for everything you need to know regarding a new fan favourite skill game set to feature in FIFA 23.

NEW Skill Games

VOLTA has somewhat surprisingly seen some much-needed improvement going into FIFA 23, with a real-life footballing sensation arriving in the game.

Footgolf is a recent sensation that combines both golf and football, with players using their feet instead of clubs in order to sink a winner.

Now, with the most recent VOLTA arcade announcements, Footgolf will be featured in FIFA 23 as a playable skill game.

You can earn XP by completing this skill game, alongside the other new mini-games added.

The new mini-games are:

  • Dribble King
  • Obstacle Course
  • Foot Golf
  • Battle Buckets
  • Capture the Ball
  • Four Squares

With Footgolf proving to be a popular sensation in real-life, we think this new skill game could become a real fan favourite in FIFA 23.

New VOLTA features added

The latest FIFA 23 reveal has showcased some brand new features coming to VOLTA, with two features highlighted:

  • VOLTA Arcades: New and upgraded games bring improved crowd audio, new props, bigger stadiums, dynamically coloured balls, under foot timer, and new sound effects to dial up the entertainment in the VOLTA ARCADE.
  • Gameplay: Reworked VOLTA gameplay brings a raft of improvements to street football that dial up the flair and variety from match to match. Play on new XL pitches with bigger nets and more time on the ball, enjoy improved and polished signature abilities, unleash your flair with new skill moves like the ball roll cut and heel fake, along with a reworked skill meter that rewards team play and more responsive dribbling.

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