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FIFA 22: How to claim your Next Generation card for FREE in Ultimate Team

The 'Next Generation' cards have arrived in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team!

Find out exactly how you can claim a Next Generation card for free and how it will work in FUT.

Latest - Next Gen pack DOWN!

The FIFA Direct Communication Twitter account has informed us that the free Next Generation player pack has been temporarily disabled.

The issue was that the Kylian Mbappe Player Item was incorrectly set to a Striker (ST) when he was supposed to be a Left Wing (LW).

Players that received a Kylian Mbappe ST version will receive the correct LW version once EA has identified the impacted players.

We will update this page once the Next Generation player pack is live again.

How to unlock claim your Next Generation card

Next Generation players are somewhat similar to that of David Beckham's special card in FIFA 21.

The recent tweet linked to EA's account has informed us on how to unlock the special cards.

fifa 22 mbappe
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STAR BOY - You'll be lucky to pull a New Generation Mbappe

The Tweet reads:

"Champion of #Ligue1UberEats from his first season at Parc des Princes, @KMbappe is the New Generation ! Play #FIFA22 before January 14 for a chance to get his new item on #FUT"

So, if you play FUT 22 before Friday, 14 January you will get one of the New Generation cards for FREE!

All you need to do is log in to your FIFA 22 Ultimate Team account and head to the 'my packs' section of the store.

Your free Next Generation player pack should be waiting for you.

The player you receive will be completely randomised.

What is the 'Next Generation' in FUT 22?

EA has now confirmed that six 'Next Generation' cards will be made available in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team very soon!

The Next Generation is a group of some of the most promising youngsters in world football who have been handed special pink cards in FUT.

The following players are included in the Next Generation:

  • Kylian Mbappe (OVR 86)
  • Phil Foden (OVR 85)
  • Theo Hernandez (OVR 85)
  • Christian Pulisic (OVR 83)
  • Eduardo Camavinga (OVR 81)
  • Jude Bellingham (OVR 81)

Kylian Mbappe is obviously the main draw, but don't get too excited as his ratings have dropped down to an 86 OVR, and is now a left-winger.

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