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FIFA 22 Web App & Companion App release date CONFIRMED

With the FIFA 22 ratings being rolled out, the community has been itching now when they can get their hands on these new FUT cards through the FIFA 22 Web & Community App.

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Well, EA has now since revealed when FIFA 22 Ultimate Team will finally kick off!

FIFA 22 Web App release date


As confirmed by the official EA website, the FUT Companion App, will launch for Web on Wednesday, 22 September and Mobile on Thursday, 23 September.

The latest that you will be able to use the FUT Companion App without logging into the full game is Sunday, 17 October.

New Features

EA has also revealed that this year we will see some new additions to FIFA Ultimate Team.

Featured TOTW items will give lesser related players (OVR 79 or lower) the chance to improve as FIFA 22 rolls on, so that they don't become unusable from November.

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WATCH THEM GROW - Suddenly having an 82-rated TOTW item got interesting

FIFA 22's FUT Heroes - legendary players from leagues around the world - had already been confirmed, but we now know that these players may receive "additional version as part of FUT 22 campaigns and programs" - so watch this space on that front.

The initial Heroes will arrive at launch from 1 October, and will remain in-game for the entirety of FUT 22.


Ones to Watch roll out

We knew the Ones to Watch promo was kicking on FIFA 22 Ultimate Team - and now we can get an understanding of how it will work.

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DEFENSIVE ANCHOR - Real Madrid new boy David Alaba was the first confirmed Ones to Watch player

Starting 1 October, if a OTW player wins five of their club's next 10 league games, they will receive a permanent +1 OVR upgrade - known as "Wins to Watch".


Not only that, because this year's transfer window was "astonishing" - six additional OTW items will be made available both Team 1 and Team - taking the overall number to 28 items/

Two groups of three OTW Items will join their respective Team through Mini Releases on Sundays.

You can find out more here.