FIFA 22 Ultimate Team: Do not LOSE YOUR HEAD in friendlies this year

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The FIFA 22 season is underway, with many players getting on already with EA Play and a 10-hour trial.

They will be joined by other Early Access players on Monday, 27 September, when no one needs to worry about a ticking clock anymore.

We've been getting stuck in on various game modes and have noticed some changes.


Table of Contents

Community Spirit

Last year saw many players getting on the friendlies tile in Ultimate Team.

This was because many objectives, including for Icon Swaps, forced you to compete in them.

It led to a more relaxed gaming experience compared to playing Rivals or Weekend League.

People playing Golden Goal rules - if your opponent scores, you quit - created a community atmosphere, working together to quickly burn through objectives.

There was something not so friendly about the mode though, and that was the tackling.

Not so Friendlies

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Apart from being sent off in-game, there was no extended punishment for committing serious fouls.

In other game modes, after a player got a red card, they would be suspended and you would have to put the player in your reserves for a match to see the ban out.

With no after game punishment in friendlies, we saw fouls aplenty.

Usually used to cynically bring down the opposition to stop a one-on-one with the keeper, we all got used to playing a bit dirty.

If you are up against a skill move merchant, go in for a crunching tackle.

If you are a bit annoyed, put in a late one.

Friendly and feisty combined, and sometimes resulted in chaos.

Rule change required

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This year has seen the rules changed when playing on the friendlies tile.

You will now incur a suspension if you get a red card in the game.

The same rules apply, you will need the suspended player in your reserves to reduce his ban.

The ban also spans other game modes, so if you get suspended in a friendly you can't use that player straight away in Rivals or Weekend League.

Release Date

The worldwide release date for EA's upcoming title is Friday, 1 October 2021.

Early Access will be available from Monday, 27 September.

The EA Play Trial went live on Wednesday, 22 September, and gives players a 10-hour trial.