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FIFA 22 Live Tuning Tool Revealed in Gameplay Pitch Notes

EA Sports have just released the first deep dive Pitch Notes focusing on FIFA 22, and this time they focus on Gameplay.

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While many of the new gameplay features are exciting, a different technical addition for FIFA 22 caught our eye.

FIFA 22 Live Tuning Tool Revealed

EA are introducing the 'Live Tuning Tool' to make updating FIFA 22 easier than it has been for any other game in the series.

"To better respond to some feedback during the FIFA cycle, we worked hard on a feature that took a significant effort from multiple teams. We call it the Live Tuning Tool."

fifa 22, live tuning tool
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QUICK FIX: Any issues can be fixed quickly

The main positive of the new feature is that you'll no longer have to wait until ages for bugs to be fixed (provided EA Sports are able to fix them), nor will you have to download patches for small changes.

As the Pitch Notes state, "For illustrative purposes, a small tuning change that could have previously taken up to 2 months to be released, for multiple reasons, can now be released on a faster timeline after testing, as long as the update makes sense for FIFA."


Full Updates Will Still Happen

That doesn't mean there will never be title updates in FIFA 22.

For any changes "that require any animation or code modifications, which are normally more complex than tuning and tweaking numbers... a full Title Update will still be required."

Future of Patch Notes

Also, Patch Notes and Title Update breakdowns will still be released, whether a full update is required or changes are made using the Live Tuning Tool.

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Any changes made to FIFA 22 will "be logged and tracked just like Release Notes and Title Updates. To stay up to date with Live Tuning Tool changes, be sure to bookmark the EA SPORTS FIFA Tracker," just as they have been for FIFA 21.

For more details on the Live Tuning Tool and FIFA 22's gameplay, you can check out the full Pitch Notes.