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FIFA 22: How to get Future Stars Swaps Tokens in Ultimate Team

The Future Stars promo is on its way into FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

The Swaps system has now also been confirmed, so find out exactly how you can get Future Stars Swaps Tokens in FUT 22 here.

Future Stars Swaps confirmed

Plenty of leaks were suggesting that the FIFA 22 Future Stars promo would involve a Token Swaps system in Ultimate Team this year, which would be similar to that of the Winter Wildcard promo.

EA has since stepped in to confirm it as the next promo as well as the return of token swaps.

So, it looks like Future Stars token swaps will be introduced this year but will run throughout the final week of TOTY too.

How to get Future Stars Swaps Tokens

From now until the end of the upcoming Future Stars campaign you will have the opportunity to earn up to 28 Future Stars Swaps Tokens.

EA released the following statement regarding the Swaps Tokens:

"You can earn Future Stars Swaps Tokens across various SBCs, Objectives and more."

So, like in the Winter Wildcard promo, you can get Swaps Tokens by completing SBCs and Objectives, although we do not yet know what the "and more" means.

You can swap Future Stars Swaps Tokens for rewards starting Friday, 11 February.

Future Stars Swaps rewards

EA has already revealed information on their site regarding what you can earn with your tokens.

Check out the chart below:

future stars fifa 22 promo token swaps
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GOTTA CATCH EM ALL - Getting all 25 tokens will get you a player pick from Future Stars Team 1

The 85+ x10 Player Pack proved very popular during the Winter Wildcard promo, so we expect a lot of people to go for that.

However, the Future Stars player pick could be the one to go for if you like the look of the Team 1 squad.

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