FIFA 22: Beware of these gameplay GLITCHES that could cost you games

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Everyone wants an even playing field when taking on the opposition in FIFA 22, but sometimes the game has different ideas.

We're a couple of months in since FIFA 22's release, but there are still plenty of glitches happening in the game that can ruin your enjoyment.

Read on to find out what you should keep an eye out for, and hope that it doesn't happen to you!


LAGatha Christie

This is one of the most prominent glitches that has been happening since the start of FIFA 22, and it isn't just confined to online play.

Many players have experienced the game lagging in all modes, be it in Ultimate Team or simply offline kick-off matches with mates.

We're not sure why this is still happening, and apparently neither are EA, as it still hasn't been fixed since launch.


Lag is seriously annoying, as it can occur at any time; sometimes you just lose the ball, others it can cost you a goal.

What makes this more frustrating is that it doesn't appear to have anything to do with your internet connection, where you can focus the blame somewhere else.

This is purely to do with the game, and a solution needs to be found, fast.

Ref, that's not a pen!

We have seen a glitch that, thankfully, looks to have been fixed, where players were getting free kicks inside the box.

Now, we have had the opposite happen - the ref has given a penalty for a foul outside the box!


Unfortunately, we weren't able to capture the moment to share, but the situation happened as follows.

We committed a clear foul a good couple of meters outside our own penalty area, the ref played advantage, with the opponent dribbling alongside the area, before choosing to stop and bring play back for the foul, for what should have been a free-kick.

But no, a penalty was given!

Clearly, the ref deemed the challenge so bad a free-kick wasn't punishment enough.

There haven't been any reports we could find of other players experiencing this yet, but you have been warned!


Whatever FIFA game it is, goalkeepers always seem to have a moment of madness in them.

At the start of FIFA 22, there was much said about how goalkeepers were overpowered and too hard to score against, but that's not always the case.

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This Reddit user was less than impressed with Thibaut Courtois, who appears to have the net covered, until pulling away at the last moment.


With goalkeepers being the position least controlled by the player, we all want them to be reliable between the sticks.

Yet, frequently we are seeing keepers run past easy clearance, fumble balls, and put it in the back of their net.


We'd like to say we trust our keepers to do their best, but with performances like these, we'll be keeping the ball as far away from them as possible!